County lands road grant

Appropriation worth $600,000 will aid in rural road repair


— Routt County has received a $600,000 grant that will enable it to tackle $1.2 million in repairs on two important rural roads.

Road and Bridge Director Paul Draper confirmed Tuesday that the county will match the Energy Impact Grant with $600,000 in hard dollars. The funds will be used to repair chronic slide areas on Routt County Road 27 and C.R. 37. The former is known as the Dobie Slide and impacts travelers 5.2 miles northwest of Oak Creek. The road links towns in South Routt to Hayden in West Routt and Craig in Moffat County.

The county, in its grant application, estimated that C.R. 27 sees 800 vehicles a day. Many of them are employees and suppliers on their way to Twentymile Coal Co.

The second slide area, known as Sage Creek Slide, is about five miles south of Hayden and makes travel less safe for school buses.

County Commissioner Doug Monger said the slide activity dates back decades to the date when the Sage Creek Reservoir was blown out and never repaired.

Hayden Mayor Pro Tem Chuck Grobe and Oak Creek Town Clerk Karen Halterman sent letters to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs indicating their governments' support for the grants. Twentymile Coal's Environmental Manager Jerry Nettleton also expressed his strong support for the projects.

Draper said repair of the Dobie Slide will be a complicated process.

"The road sits on a shelf of re-deposited material that slid previously," he said.

The county previously undertook a repair to the nearby Argo Slide, which involved supporting the new road with soil nails.

Engineers with a Fruita company, GeoSolutions International, proposed a year ago to repair the Dobie Slide by excavating the roadway 20 feet deep and drilling 3-inch holes beneath the affected roadway until they reached a layer of tightly compacted clay stone.

Draper said the clay stone functions similarly to bedrock. Steel nails 1.5 inches in diameter would be pounded into the clay stone and the holes would be filled with concrete, Draper said.

The repaired roadway would be faced by a block wall and paved.

Draper said he expects the work on both slide areas to take place this summer.

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Humma_Kavula 8 years, 11 months ago

Get the Cog Road fixed NOW. The county has been blowing that road off for years. If that road is closed, I'll be driving 40 miles to work & back, instead of 10 miles.


ranch76 8 years, 11 months ago

How about the school buses on the cog? It's a very scary drive!


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