Airport is looking for a sign

YVRA aims to add a sign on U.S. Highway 40 with lights


— Yampa Valley Regional Airport could get a new sign this year, Airport Manager Dave Ruppel told Routt County commissioners Monday.

The sign at the turnoff on U.S. Highway 40 is difficult to see because it is not lit, Ruppel said. Given that the sign is a bit worn, airport officials want to replace the whole thing, Commissioner Doug Monger said.

"Every year, we've gotten a number of comments about how it's hard to see that intersection," Ruppel said after his meeting with commissioners.

Ruppel said he had not done a request for a proposal for the design and construction of the sign. He said he plans to tackle that in the next few weeks.

Commissioner Diane Mitsch Bush encouraged him to look to local companies, but Monger said he didn't know whether Ruppel could find someone in the area who could build what he wants: a sign lit from the interior.

"It's less vulnerable to damage" if lights are set inside, Ruppel said.

Because it would be costly to run electricity out to U.S. 40, Ruppel said he hopes to get a sign that uses solar power or other alternative technology.

He wasn't sure what the cost would be and predicted that he would use funds from the airport's reserves to pay for it. YVRA will need the commissioners' approval for the sign. Ruppel said he plans to research what was available and then return to the panel.

If the project goes through, he said, the goal would be to finish by late fall.

"We try to have all projects done by November because that gives us time to work out the bugs" before ski season, Ruppel said.


jimbob311 8 years, 10 months ago

The sign is just fine, and lends a certain charm to the whole facility (It's Hayden not Vegas)


hubiem 8 years, 10 months ago

i've never had a problem finding the airport, but then again i'm not a tourist on vacation for their first time steamboat driving a rental car to the airport at night in a blinding snowstorm. i could see someone like that driving right past it if they don't know exactly where it is.


kusellout 8 years, 10 months ago

Follow the Sheriff's lead and always use your bright headlights :)


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