Teen Style: Craig band making a name


— For a band composed of four teenage boys, this particular group seems very determined and focused.

Sign of Tragedy, a metalcore band out of Craig, has accomplished a good deal and is looking forward to tackling future aspirations. For now, the boys practice at least once a week - in drummer Steve Wilson's bedroom.

"It's pretty much just speakers and a bed in there," Wilson said.

But the band doesn't seem to mind its practice location. After six years of playing as Sign of Tragedy, the band has kept its current lineup - Chris Wilson on guitar, Andrew Sonntag with vocals, Matt Hershburg on bass and Steve Wilson on drums for the past four years.

Once known as Eternal Deficit, the boys recently changed their name to Sign of Tragedy and describe their music as a particularly hard blend known as metalcore.

"I can't really say a band that we sound like," Wilson said. "We take all the music we like and mix it up into something different."

Apparently, the band's music style is popular. Sign of Tragedy has done two shows in Denver and five in this area. Two of those were paid gigs.

The band has not participated in Steamboat's Teen Battle of the Bands - at least, not yet. But the band's members have competed in other battles, and they seem well prepared for Friday's showdown.

"I think we'll do pretty good, but it depends on the genre of the other bands there and what they're looking for," Wilson said.

Sign of Tragedy is working on setting up more teen music events in the area. To increase entertainment and activities for teenagers, the band's members said, there has to be more than one music event a year.

The band is working on an upcoming album called "Exchanging of Tears and Roses." The project is almost two years in the making and is set to release this summer.

But when it comes down to what they like most about being in a band, the guys in Sign of Tragedy said it has nothing to do with winning or attention. Instead, it's about the feeling they get from just jamming out.

"My favorite part is playing in concerts, being in concerts. It's fun," Wilson said.

"But the best is controlling the crowd - and also getting out of town."


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