Lori Jazwick: Dennis Scheiwe retires


— I was in hopes that this day would never happen, or at least never happen until I moved on or quit, but it has.

Dennis Scheiwe and his wife have decided to move on with their lives and give this whole retirement idea a shot. He is off to greener pastures and maybe even better weather. Scheiwe has worked in the Natural Resources Conservation Service office for almost six years and for me for four years. Within those years, Scheiwe provided great service and outstanding technical expertise to landowners, program participants and other agencies. He helped coordinate some major projects between the NRCS, Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District and private landowners. Without Dennis' involvement in these projects, they may never have come to fruition.

Scheiwe provided not only assistance to land owners and agencies but also to Routt County's most prized natural resources. He was their soft-spoken champion and protector. I can't even begin to imagine what I will do without him. I know that I will be lost and not as quick to find things or answer concerns or questions about your contracts, but I promise to do my best. I'll also probably be a little frazzled because we will not be able to replace his position until this fall, if we are able to replace him at all, because of our current budget crunch. Congress is providing lots of money for programs, but no additional funds for implementation (staff). Scheiwe leaves behind a legacy, and his shoes will be very hard to fill.


barkingschedule 8 years, 10 months ago

Dennis and Sher have led by quiet example. Their gracious good will has helped many people in need around the world. Their devotion to this community is without equal. Neither Dennis nor Sher has ever sought accolade or reward. They are true stewards of our community. We could all learn a good lesson from their selfless dedication.


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