Bobbie Jo Bogan: Respect our privacy


— Isn't it wonderful that we all live in such a beautiful place, the Yampa Valley? We all know that our errands will take twice as long because we bump into a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance or someone who wants to say hello and visit. It is nice to catch up on things and have the time in our day to spread good cheer.

However, there are individuals who need to stop and think what kind of damage they are causing by spreading the painful rumor that Steve Ivers has passed away. Two weeks in a row we have received visitors, phone calls and even heard of flowers being ordered for the baseball field. Words cannot express how stressing this is to Steve's wife and children, mother and father, sister and brother in-law and their children. We are already on a roller coaster ride of emotions knowing that this very strong man is losing his battle against the evil, evil disease of cancer. Yes, Steve is in the hospital in Grand Junction. Yes, Steve has stable vitals and is resting comfortably.

Our family is requesting that you allow us our private time with Steve. We kindly ask you to refrain from speaking uncertainties until you have read it in the newspaper. Nobody needs to be a hero by being the first one to offer condolences. The time will come when our family will need the support from our community and its wonderful people. That is what is amazing about this valley that we all chose to live in. When unity is needed, we always come through with shining colors for any family in need of support.

Until then, please respect our privacy and pray for Steve.

Bobbie Jo Bogan

Steamboat Springs


dog2 9 years ago

To Steve and his family ... you are all in our prayers.


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