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Vocational ed important

— Teaching trades is definitely worth it. Those who treat blue collar as second class are dead wrong. Not every student has an interest in Mark Twain (if they are still allowed to read a book with the N word), Shakespeare, or learning calculus, biology, or chemistry. A hands-on approach to welding, painting, plumbing, and being an electrician may allow kids to escape the boredom and monotony of the "college bound" curriculum, and learn something they can use and are actually interested in. Another byproduct, the physics of electricity, or the chemistry of paint could be taught and the "trade student" may actually learn something about theory, and how theory has practical use.

- SilverSpoon

Thanks, John

There is no person who has shaped the place we live more than John Fetcher.

There is nothing substantial enough around here named for him.

But the legacy is there, even if this place seems more likely to name things after realtors.

Steamboat Lake

The ski-jump complex

Stagecoach resevoir

Plus a thousand other things- happened because John Fetcher volunteered, and if you have been here awhile- he probably volunteered you a time or two as well.

- dogd

Good luck, Gordon

There isn't a better man in Hayden than Gordon Booco! Family man supreme and just an all around nice man.

- portagetheyampa


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