Margaret Hair: Notes from Coachella


Margaret Hair

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— Across the Google News headlines on Wednesday, there was word of former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters losing his pig.

When the swine-shaped blimp - which was about two stories tall and bore graffiti-style political slogans, all anti-government, plus an endorsement for Barack Obama - took off near the main stage of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Sunday, I was a little skeptical.

It didn't look intentional. Who lets a giant left-leaning porker just float into the California sky? And what about the thousands of pieces of paper intended for concertgoers that got swept up in the wind and spread out over the Coachella Valley?

Actually, I didn't think any of those things at the time. With just a few hours to go on the third day of my first giant music festival experience, I was primarily concerned with how unassailably awesome Roger Waters is and always has been.

Sitting at my desk three days after the Empire Polo Field ridded itself of Coachella, I'm still reeling. And I've realized that I've been skimping on seeing live music for way, way too long.

I could say that's because I'm not interested in a lot of the bands I've had the chance to see in Colorado (which is partially true). But it's mostly that I've gotten lazy. There are free winter concerts, dedicated acts that make the Steamboat bar circuit, local groups trying to get gigs, nationally known musicians coming through Denver and Boulder every night of every week.

Somehow, it took three days of relentless concert, hours of standing and miles of dusty walking to make me remember how much music means - how much it can make walking through the desert in 100-degree heat seem completely worth the while. It took a concert 1,000 miles away to remind me that live music is live music, and it's great even if it's actually not good at all.

And the best pig-related headline to inspire that thought? That goes to London's Guardian, with "Waters discovers dark side of owning a giant inflatable pig."


spukomy 8 years, 12 months ago

Just saw Roger Waters at the Pepsi Center. Of the tons of shows I've seen, this was one of the best ever. Crisp, clean and loud, with a great song selection. Here's an update on the Pig that got away.;


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