Hayden CSAP results strong

Steamboat steady; South Routt third-grade reading scores dip


At a glance

Unofficial third-grade reading

CSAP results

- Hayden Valley Elementary - 28 students tested, 96 percent proficient

- Strawberry Park Elementary - 86 students tested, 88 percent proficient or advanced

- Soda Creek Elementary - 72 students tested, 85 percent proficient or advanced

- South Routt Elementary - 29 students tested, 48 percent proficient or advanced

- North Routt Charter School - scores not available

Source: Colorado Department of Education

— Hayden improved, Steamboat Springs held steady, and South Routt struggled in unofficial third-grade reading test results released Thursday by the Colorado Department of Education.

Overall, the vast majority of Routt County public school third-graders scored proficient or better on the reading portion of Colorado Student Assessment Program tests this year.

Third-graders at Hayden Valley Elementary School had the strongest performance, percentage-wise, in the county. Twenty-seven of 28 tested students scored proficient on the CSAP reading test, meaning 96 percent of students tested successfully. Last year, just 21 of 27 tested students scored proficient or advanced, for a 78 percent success rate. Hayden's third-grade reading results this year show a rebound nearly to 2006 levels, when all 23 students tested successfully.

"We were very pleased with the results," Hayden School District Superintendent Mike Luppes said Thursday. "That's the range we're used to seeing with our third grade, and we're pleased to get back there."

Steamboat third-graders mostly maintained proficiency levels compared to previous years.

At Strawberry Park Elementary School, 76 of 86 tested students scored proficient or advanced, for an 88 percent success rate. The scores continue an up-and-down trend at Strawberry Park, which saw a 95 percent success rate on third-grade reading tests in 2007, 85 percent in 2006 and 97 percent in 2005.

Soda Creek Elementary School third-graders tallied an 85 percent success rate this year, with 61 of 72 students scoring proficient or advanced. Soda Creek third-graders had an 84 percent success rate on the reading CSAP in 2007, a 75 percent in 2006 and an 84 percent in 2005.

Results were not as strong in South Routt.

Of the 29 third-graders who took the CSAP reading test at South Routt Elementary in Yampa, 14 scored proficient or advanced, for a 48 percent success rate. Seven students scored unsatisfactory, and seven scored partially proficient.

South Routt third-graders had a 60 percent success rate in 2007, compared with 89 percent in 2006 and 71 percent in 2005.

South Routt school officials could not be reached Thursday evening.

Luppes put CSAP results into perspective when talking about Hayden scores.

"That's just one set of scores and one set of testing," he said.

Third-grade reading results were not available Thursday for the seven tested third-graders at North Routt Community Charter School in Clark.

This year, 57,914 Colorado third-graders took the CSAP reading test.

The Department of Education expects to release CSAP results for other grades and subject areas July 29. Thursday's results are pending official state confirmation, which also will be released July 29 with the remaining CSAP results.


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