Jessica Maynard


It's hard to pin down any defining generalizations of a Buddhist, motorcycle-riding photographer with a keen artist's eye for constantly seeing, experiencing and capturing the world around her in novel ways.

Suffice it to say that Jessica Maynard is a free spirit.

As far as the solo trips into the backcountry in the winter or onto the open roads in the summer, Maynard says they're just means of being present and living in a moment.

That's also the best way to access her body of photographic work.

"She's artistic not only in her work, but even with the typical portrait work she does locally, bringing an atypical documentary style," close friend Alicia Josfan said of the portraiture and wedding shots that have become the foundation of Maynard's business. "She captures the right moment and freezes it more than a whole album of pictures can."

Maynard prefers to work in black and white, with natural light creating a raw feeling with "no distractions - just composition and imagery."

Growing up between exposure to both artists and their subjects in upstate New York - from riding her bicycle to the Woodstock artist community to visiting her grandparents in New York City, Maynard developed a need to create an intimate image that "brings the viewer in and keeps you in a quiet space." That's meant round-the-clock immersion in Denver's homeless community to find the shot that shows "the human spirit among suffering."

And while she longs to travel to the conflict-torn corners of the world to pursue these images, for now, she is just as happy to immerse herself in the lives of her three children, Willoe, Isaiah and Abe.

"There's still so much to explore right in my backyard," Maynard said of a community she feels grateful to for being open to a unique vision.


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