The Steamboat Ski Area reported 4 inches of new snow this morning, establishing a new single-season snowfall record of 450 inches.

Photo by Matt Stensland

The Steamboat Ski Area reported 4 inches of new snow this morning, establishing a new single-season snowfall record of 450 inches.

It's official!

Steamboat Ski Area sets single-season snowfall mark



Record Broken

The Steamboat Ski Area reported 4 inches of new snow Friday morning, establishing a new single-season snowfall record of 450 inches.

The Steamboat Ski Area reported 4 inches of new snow Friday morning, establishing a new single-season snowfall record of 450 inches.

— The Steamboat Ski Area received 4 inches of snow Thursday afternoon and evening - and in the process set a single-season snowfall record.

The mountain is reporting 450 inches of cumulative snowfall since October. That eclipses the previous mark of 447.75 inches set in the winter of 1996-97.

"The hardest 4 inches we ever got," ski area spokesman Mike Lane joked this morning.

Ski area employees are giving away candy and hot chocolate to skiers and riders this morning, and some of the early-risers who were near the front of the gondola line received T-shirts, Lane said.

"There were quite a few people - a lot trying to get their last few turns before they head home for Easter, and of course the die-hards who are always here pressing glass," he said.

Local musician Randy Kelly and his band Sun Dog also are performing in the gondola platform this morning.

This winter has seen other snowfall milestones for the ski area. The winter of 2007-08 is the first time Mount Werner received 100 inches of snow or more in three consecutive months - December, January and February.

Since Nov. 21, snow has fallen 91 out of 122 days - almost 75 percent, with 51 of those days recording 4 or more inches, according to the ski area.

December's 126 inches was the resort's third-snowiest December on record; January's 129 inches was the resort's second-snowiest January on record; and February's 104 inches was the resort's second-snowiest February on record. March has received 51 inches of snow.

The ski area has been tracking monthly snowfall totals since the 1979-80 winter. The resort first opened in the early 1960s.

Only six seasons since 1979-80 have totaled 400 inches of snow or more: 1992-93 (415.5 inches), 2005-06 (432 inches), 1995-96 (441.25 inches), 1983-84 (447.5 inches), 1996-97 (447.75 inches), and 2007-08 (450 inches and counting). However, the ski area has counted October and early November snowfall totals only in recent years.


Bartonium 9 years ago

Another 2 inches of global warming glory today...


justathought 9 years ago

Hot damn, this year's snowfall has broke the record, can we shut it off now? Think spring!


Bartonium 9 years ago

I sure do love global warming... Hopefully, the most snow in recorded history will shut the pie holes of all the self absorbed, arrogant "chicken littles" out there.


dogd 9 years ago

Bart: One of the short-tern side effects of the warming is heavy winter moisture in some places and drought in others. It could be that you are the one who is "self-absorbed and arrogant."

A lot of facts are in dispute, but not the fact that things are warming up, and the glaciers are melting.. there is no connection to the "new record" which is every bit as much a result of statistical gerrymandering by the recent owners of the mountain as it is any true fact.

If the same method was applied to 1973 or 1983 the "record" would be nearly 500 inches. Why did some arrogant ski corp deciever change the true and honorable (and statistically valid) manner of measuring? The new "record" is worth squat!!


twostroketerror 9 years ago

Season pass $1200, Mtn closing in 14 days w/ 2 months of skiing left, priceless.


armchairqb 9 years ago

twostrokerror: You hit the nail on the head. Hey Steamboat What the HECK were you thinking???? Oh weren't thinking!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!and Again!!!!!! and Again!!


dave reynolds 9 years ago have experienced some of the best skiing in at least three years yet you still complain..Intrawest has a contract to lease the mountian for X amount of days with the forest service...sooo if you bought the pass that includes Copper and Winter Park then there you are you can ski there..I bet you both attended the concerts at the tent...paid for in part by AB and Intrawest..but hey that don't count...once again show me your entitlement for thought if you cann't afford the price of a season pass then don't buy it better yet if you feel you don't get your monies worth don't buy it....and if your are such savie busines people then apply at ski corp and show us all how it should be done


Bartonium 9 years ago


It's been warmer than it is today It's been colder than it is today 99.9% of all species are extinct We have NO CONTROL - get over yourself.


xxo 9 years ago

The records do not go back that far to claim a record.


lessworkmoreskiing 9 years ago

this is nothing! We are going to hit 500" before this year is over.


playa46 9 years ago

Bart, I don't understand you. If you are so uptite about global warming, you've obviously did some reaserch there.

The Earth has been through all sorts of things in its age, such as the Ice Age. This is a natural proccess, the Earth gets hotter, the ice caps melt and flood the world. Thus, creating an Ice Age.

Although I will commend you that we are not doing anything to make this situation better. Untill then, good luck with your rapture story, although it proves almost no point.



another_local 9 years ago

Paddle, that nonsense about the Forest Service lease is an urban legend. The mountain closes when they figure the paying guests are going to stop coming, period.


HighlandClover 9 years ago

Guys, lets get back to the article? Stop bickering and remember to be thankful for the snow!!!


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