Daniel King: Found my faith


— Found: My faith in the people of Steamboat Springs. I just spent a week with my family in Steamboat, and near the end of our trip I lost my camera case with two cameras and all of the photos of our trip. We retraced our steps to no avail. Someone suggested I place an ad in the Steamboat Today. I not only had my cameras and pictures returned, but each of the following four days someone from Steamboat called me to let me know a camera had been found and gave me the information about it, or asked if I had found it.

I was struck by the concern shown to a stranger to your city. Thank you, Steamboat Springs, as I found much more than my camera in your community and certainly intend to not be a stranger any longer. I look forward to my next trip to your beautiful city.

Daniel King

Bloomfield Hills, Mich.


steamboatcrazy 9 years, 1 month ago

Thats what makes Steamboat, Steamboat. There are a lot of great, honest people that live here. It is one of the reasons I am still after many years. Thanks to all of you who care and are honest.


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