Man gets probation for indecent exposure

Felony sex assault charges dropped as part of plea agreement


— A Routt County man was sentenced to two years of supervised probation Wednesday after pleading no contest to a reduced charge of misdemeanor indecent exposure.

Clint Dewil Earle, 33, was arrested in October on suspicion of forcing a young girl to touch him inappropriately during separate incidents at his home in unincorporated Routt County. Five felony counts of sexual assault by someone in a position of trust were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

The victim's family has moved several times during the course of the investigation and hasn't participated in the investigation since the incidents were reported, Routt County Judge James Garrecht said Wednesday. The investigation was "inconclusive, at worst," Garrecht said, noting that Earle agreed to plead no contest to avoid the cost of going to trial.

In addition to serving two years of supervised probation and paying a $200 fine plus court costs and fees, Earle will have to register as a sex offender and complete a sex offender evaluation and treatment program. Earle also will have to abide by numerous other conditions, including not accessing the Internet and avoiding contact of any kind with children younger than 18 without the prior approval of his case managers.

At the recommendation of the probation department, which completed a pre-sentence investigation, Earle will be allowed to retain custody of his child since he is not considered a sexually violent predator, Garrecht said.

Garrecht suspended Earle's six-month jail sentence, pending successful completion of his probation.

Sexual assault case continued Wednesday

A 52-year-old Oregon man suspected of sexually assaulting a California boy in Steamboat Springs in December 2006 had his case continued in Routt County Court on Wednesday. The man and his Denver attorney, Dru Nielsen, participated by telephone for the status conference.

The man is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in a vehicle while driving from Denver to Steamboat Springs and repeatedly at a Steamboat Springs home during the visit. The Steamboat Springs Police Department initiated their investigation when the alleged assaults were first reported to local law enforcement.

The man was charged with sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust with a pattern of sexual abuse, a Class 3 felony punishable by up to 12 years in jail and $750,000 in fines.

The man was arrested Jan. 31 in Portland and released from Multnomah County Jail on Feb. 1 on $50,000 bond. He was extradited to Colorado and booked into Routt County Jail on Feb. 12. He was released later that day on $10,000 bail.

The man is due to appear in court for a status conference at 2:30 p.m. April 2.


justathought 9 years ago

You will also want to remember this the next time you are asked to retain judges.


Martha D Young 9 years ago

"Inappropriate touching" is now indecent exposure? Does our legal system still not understand the trauma that man caused his victim? She will always live with the knowledge of what this man did to her and how inadequately he was punished for his horrific crime. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the state, people are considering invoking the death penalty for child sexual assault.


id04sp 9 years ago

Look at who continues to let them off easy for sexual assault, drug offenses, killing people with your car and then walking away from the scene of the accident, etc.

So, what you have here in this champagne powder paradise is a place where sex offenders and killers get probation and a slap on the wrist while a kid who defends himself against a bully gets stuck with $40,000 in legal bills.

The whole problem here is that a black kid who breaks a white kid's jaw doesn't have much of a chance of denying what happened. There's no doubt a boy was seriously injured. But, gosh, a sex crime where only the only witness is the victim leaves a lot of room for doubt. Right . . . . . Kids are not given credibility in our system, because, gosh, if people start believing kids who say they've been molested, that will make it a LOT harder to get away with!

The message which is continuously brought home to us here in Routt County is that our state-operated judicial system goes way out of its way to give sex offenders a break so they can go out and be more careful not to get caught the next time. Why this sympathy for pedophiles? Why does an offense that carried a bail of $50,000 elsewhere drop to $10,000 after the state goes to the expense of extraditing the criminal to Colorado?

Or, could it be another word that ends in the letters " m p a t h y ? "


id04sp 9 years ago


Wow. I'm shocked. I was just making stuff up . . . . NOT!


bandmama 9 years ago

Ditto Dog. Just curious, he is not considered a violent offender, yet he "forced" a young girl to touch him several times. Exactly what would he have to do to be considered violent, maim or kill the little girl? Maybe the next time he will do something that would warrant a stronger punishment, it is just to bad that another child will have to go through the trauma in order to make the jerk actually go to prison where he belongs.


dave reynolds 9 years ago

I'm a little confessed here..they go after Nelson for defending himself cost his family tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and slap this scum bag on the wrist..anyone else see something wrong with this picture or is it just me..I'm with you dog


aristocat 9 years ago

The fact that the family didn't participate in the investigation probably had a lot to do with the outcome. If that had of been my child I would have been right there kicking and screaming for a harsh penality that matched the crime. The child will be the one that suffers.


stmbtgrl20 9 years ago

All I have to say is there is something wrong with our government in general when RAPE is called "Sexual Assault." Lets call it what it is. When a man forces himself on a defensless child, he should be held accountable.... meaning he should face a RAPE charge with a sentence of death. These people do not deserve to live in my opinion. I hate to say that, but when it comes to crimes against children, I fully support the death penalty.


Glenn Hilley 9 years ago

Clint....I'd like to invite you into my home so I could touch you inappropriately with a baseball bat!


id04sp 9 years ago

Re-reading this article really makes me burn. FIVE felony counts were dropped. If this guy did something with a little girl five times, you KNOW he's done it plenty of times before. They are tougher than this with guys who don't have any evidence against them except photos stored on their computer.

A misdemeanor and a $200 fine. Holy $#!+. They get you for more than that for SPEEDING! Divorced men pay tons more than that each year for child support. Oh, well, I guess it fits with 5 months in jail for letting somebody die by leaving the scene of an accident.

Is anyone else getting the idea that the honorable Court is mysteriously more concerned with the defendant's bank account than he is with getting a dangerous pedophile off the street for a while? Accepting a nolo plea so the defendant can avoid the cost of a trial is a pretty GD weak reason to allow this pervert to simply be more careful over the next two years. And, with his plea deal, he should be able to save plenty of money to PAY for child prostitutes who will keep quiet.

Maybe if some of the men involved in the system had the experience of having to deal with a young bride who told them, "You have the same look on your face that XXXXX did when he molested me," they might understand that child molestation can damage a person for life. And for that, he gets a $200 fine and has to make a telephone call to a probation officer once a month for the next two years.

Anybody want to guess what it costs for a woman to go to a therapist for a year or two because she was molested as a child, and can't have a normal sexual relationship in her marriage? Ten grand, EASY! Try twenty, or fifty over a lifetime. What ever happened to the concept of restitution for damages?

It's better to get caught diddling a kid than driving drunk in this county. That's pretty sad, for all of us.


nurmidst 9 years ago

not enough room for sex offenders pot smokers taking up all the cells


mud 9 years ago

If this guy got a lawyer and faught the charges the case would've been dropped. The family made the decision, not the judge.


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