The proposed St. Cloud Resort & Spa would occupy the space currently occupied by the Clocktower Square Penthouse Condominiums and other parcels, including the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. parking structure at the entrance to Ski Time Square.

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The proposed St. Cloud Resort & Spa would occupy the space currently occupied by the Clocktower Square Penthouse Condominiums and other parcels, including the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. parking structure at the entrance to Ski Time Square.

Builders want to acquire garage

St. Cloud plans to change intersection


— The founding partner and former president of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is partnering with Steamboat Springs developer Jamie Temple to propose a 781,339-square-foot development that would redefine the entrance to Ski Time Square.

The project is called St. Cloud Resort & Spa. It would add 201 residential units in multiple buildings. The formal name of the development company is Momentum Steamboat LLC, Temple said.

He was the developer of Storm Mountain Ranch in Steamboat with his brother Jeff as well as Water Dance in Frisco and Uptown Broadway in Boulder.

Partner Colgate Holmes' background includes operation and development of resorts and hotels including the Grand Wailea Resort and Spa, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Wigwam Resort and Country Club in Phoenix, and the Palace of the Golden Horses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A statement prepared by the St. Cloud developers says they intend to enhance the Steamboat hotel experience with services including day care, a full service spa, restaurants, ballroom and conference facilities, a ski shop and related commercial space.

The Steamboat Ski Area has written a letter of permission giving the developers the ability to enter the city of Steamboat Springs planning process with a plan that would replace the existing Ski Corp. parking garage with new buildings and underground parking.

"We're aware that they have contemplated that parking structure in the pre-application and have acknowledged that we have no objection," Ski Corp. Vice President of Development Doug Beall said. "We haven't consummated a deal."

They also have stated their intention to develop a green project and pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation, something that has not been pursued with so large a project in Steamboat.

Temple said the goal of Momentum Steamboat is to own the parking garage site.

The nearly 4-acre site of the St. Cloud would occupy parcels including the existing Clocktower Square Penthouse Condominiums, Xanadu Condominiums, the site of the old octagon buildings as well as the industrial-looking concrete parking garage.

St. Cloud has been through the city's technical analysis process, and the developers are scheduled to deliver a re-worked plan next week in time for a public hearing before Planning Commission on March 27.

The public and private sector are in the midst of investing in the redevelopment of Ski Time Square and the proposed development of the St. Cloud represents a significant opportunity to make the entrance of the longstanding commercial strip at the base of the ski area more prominent and inviting.

"Certainly (planning) staff feels that the intersection of Mount Werner Circle and Ski Time Square Drive calls for a special level of treatment," senior city planner Jonathan Spence said.

The developers say in their prepared statement that they intend to redefine the intersection as a "portal that provides a grand entry to the new base village experience at Steamboat."

Spence said tentative plans for the St. Cloud call for 91 units to be devoted to a "condo-tel," another 50 units would be marketed on a fractional basis, and 60 would be marketed as whole ownership units where owners would be encouraged to rent them out on a short-term basis.

Of the gross square footage in the project, 377,820 would be devoted to residential space and 48,649 to commercial uses.

Momentum Steamboat's submittal to city planning is in the form of a pre-application. Public hearings are scheduled before Planning Commission on March 27 and City Council on April 15. No formal votes will be taken during those hearings.


elk2 9 years ago

There's that overused word again "GREEN", the Temple brothers always throw in the word "GREEN" to get their projects rubber stamped. Are we as stupid as they think we are??


elkeye 9 years ago

"Certainly (planning) staff feels that the intersection of Mount Werner Circle and Ski Time Square Drive calls for a special level of treatment,"

but what about the Mount Werner Circle and Burgess Creek Road intersection?

How much "shadowing" will the 781,339-square-foot development cause on Burgess Creek Road?

The developers should be required to reconstruct Burgess Creek Road and install snowmelt in the roadway as a means to mitigate any "shadowing" of the roadway caused by their proposed project.

Moreover, the developers should be required to reconstruct the Mount Werner Circle/Burgess Creek Road intersection if they are proposing to use Burgess Creek Road for vehicular access from the development.


Matthew Stoddard 9 years ago

Will the Grand part with the only parking for SUV's with racks that can't fit in their underground? That'll be interesting to see.


jack legrice 9 years ago

I thought at one time the garage was given to the city with $75,000 a year to maintain it.[from a earlier ski area owner] Does anyone remember this ? I couldn't figure how the grand plummet got to park cars there.Anyone remember the time line on this garage?


Hammurabi 9 years ago

One, as my fading memory recalls, sometime in the late 80's or early 90's the ski corp. "gave" the parking garage to the city, along with $100k to forestall any further discussion regarding a tax on the sale of lift tickets. It appears that this agreement had many interesting parts to it as the ski corp. must have retained ownership of the land. The agreement stated that $25k would be used to maintain the garage and the remaining $75k was part of the city's beautification grants. Since then we have had several different "owners" of the ski corp., all with very divergent interest, but each has honored that agreement until now. This agreement was cancelled last year without any comment from either the former council nor reported in depth in the newspaper. I'm not sure how the agreement between the city the ski corp. and the grand was structured regarding excess parking, but all this raises more questions than the answers that have been supplied so far.


OnTheBusGus 9 years ago

The parking structure was under city control for at least the last 10 years until last fall when the Steamboat ski area took over. The Grand was subletting space from the city and the top section was pay to park with revenue collected by the city. Now the entire structure is pay to park (I think even for Grand hotel guests) and has an attendant on duty all day. Yes, how will the Grand address the issue of parking SUVs? Unless they plan to park those in the other structure by the Sheraton across from the Grand, I don't see where else. So, now we have: Momentum Steamboat Steamboat Unbridled The Steamboat Renaissance what's next?


Resident 9 years ago

Come on elk2--LEEDS certified is green! No other developer at the mountain is doing this. Jamie Temple did a commendable job at Storm Mountain Ranch, he supports the community, and he lives here. The City of Steamboat has not "rubber stamped" a project for a long time!


Doug Marsh 9 years ago

The parking garage was built in the early 80's and leased to the City a couple of years later for $1.00 a year. When Alan Barbee was City Council member and proposing a lift ticket tax, the Ski Corp decided to lease the garage to the City and give the City $100,000 annually; $25,000 went to garage maintenance, the other $75,000 for community gifts. Last year, the Ski Corp decided it wanted the garage back for total control, so the City is out of the parking garage business for now.


Stephen Blinkenberg 9 years ago

"Jamie Temple lives here"? When did he move up from Boulder?


elk2 9 years ago

I still stand by my comment about the Temple's and "GREEN" They don't give a darn about GREEN, It's just a trend they are trying to cash in on. The only "Green" Jamie and Jeff care about is the kind you put in the bank!!!


LuvTheBoat 9 years ago

Jamie has a house here, and yes of course they care about the green you put in the bank, don't you? You just didn't get the 30 million at 18 play with!!! But actually outside of hiring jack errrr burros from boulder to build it, (don't know why you wouldn't want to keep it in the valley) the project is a pretty high efficient home.... For, you know, a garage that has more sq. ftg. than most peoples and more sq. ftg of snow melt than ski time square. :)


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