Omar. M. Campbell: Vote on 700


— In response to the article "Developers want no 700 vote" (Steamboat Today, June 21):

Why, I wonder? Could it be that a recent Question of the Week poll showed that a majority (57 percent) of Routt County respondents favored a public vote on 700 annexation?

I did a small subdivision some 32 years ago. A small adjustment to include a bit of county land was needed to make road grades fit and make the subdivision possible. I would have been scared spitless if faced with the above statistic, when I was pretty sure the growth-oriented City Council of that time was in my pocket. And they were.

Attorneys for the city and Steamboat 700 referred to the overwhelming defeat of the Minturn referendum and seemed to suggest that the same would result at Steamboat. Not so fast. Comparing the economies of Minturn and Steamboat is like comparing dry prune pits to ripe, succulent peaches. The economy of Minturn rests almost totally on its residents commuting to work at the Vail Valley ski areas and towns of Avon, Edwards, etc. We do not need to describe the heated economy of Steamboat to an informed readership.

It is easy to see why the voters of Minturn would seize any opportunity to build an economy. They practically have none.

Steamboat, on the other hand, already has more than its infrastructure can comfortably support. Witness the unsolvable traffic problems, for example.

Reference is made to the presumptuous sub-heading, "Annexation planners say application will meet public needs." Are the planners (city or Steamboat 700, or both?) saying, in effect, that they know the mindset and can speak for the masses of us out here? I think not.

The developer has the fast-growth oriented City Council majority in his pocket - and has had it there from the start. In the name of a democratic solution to unrestricted growth in our county, I ask City Council and county commissioners to declare that the people themselves will be the final arbiters.

Omar. M. Campbell

Steamboat Springs


rsssco 8 years, 11 months ago

Somebody needs to clue Omar into the fact that the polls on the newspapers web site are as statistically accurate and meaningful as his repeated nonsensical writings. Which is to say their not accurate or meaningful at all.


bigdog 8 years, 10 months ago

why even have a city council, county commissioners, Governor, us congress or POTUS? We can run this country/state/county/city by voting on every decision. Who needs representation? Why waste the time?


skiday11 8 years, 10 months ago

Well bigdog, this not just like every other decision. Needless to say this will DEEPLY affect every citizen of this city and county for the next 30 years! Plus, the council and commissioners are as clueless as they always have been. They need some help on this one. A vote doesn't have to directly determine any decisions. The council needs to see on paper what the community wants.


bigdog 8 years, 10 months ago

well skiday, that is what a "representative" government is suppose to do. And if you really believe they are not representing you, then vote in someone who does. However, you must remember that just because they may not represent your "beliefs", they may be representing the rest (majority) of the community.

I personally get sick of every time there is an issue everyone wants to run to the ballot box.


Ilike2dv8 8 years, 10 months ago

Omar, you are making some very strong assertions about some very good people.

"The developer has the fast-growth oriented City Council majority in his pocket - and has had it there from the start." You would be wise not to compare your personal experience ("when I was pretty sure the growth-oriented City Council of that time was in my pocket. And they were.") to the current city council or county commissioners.

Since you're willing to publicly slander them I would ask you to provide some proof. You are clearly inferring that they are taking bribes or in some other way receiving benefit by supporting the west of Steamboat annexation, which by the way IS a community plan. Back it up, chump! I'm tired of people like you who made your money from development lashing out at others who are simply providing housing whether it is for locals or second homeowners. It doesn't get any more hypocritical.

There is no question that the West of Steamboat Plan implementation carries many important decisions but I also have a great deal of faith in those who are in the position to make those decisions. They are smart, well informed and show the strength to actually lead instead of sail through our waters with no rudder.

The fact that the stakes are as high as they are is because of the total lack of leadership and actions taken by former councils and commissioners. There have been no significant annexations or preparations for growth in over twenty years so don't condemn good people who were elected to step up and address the situation. The community HAS spoken, they voted at the ballot box for those who were prepared to LEAD.


papafu 8 years, 10 months ago

Maybe we should take a vote to see if we should take a vote.


rsssco 8 years, 10 months ago

Sorry fudjack, You are not authorized to offer that suggestion. We must first vote about your suggestion to vote about a vote. Either that or you must have a note from Omar. He makes the rules in Steamboat--at least in his mind.


elkeye 8 years, 10 months ago

The home rule charter of the City of Steamboat Springs provides for the right of referendum!

The right of referendum can and should be used by the residents on important rezoning and annexation decisions by our elected representatives.

If the annexation of "Steamboat 700" is not put on the ballot by our elected representatives, the residents should by means of petition!


424now 8 years, 10 months ago

The vocal local minority strikes again. Lead by an out of town money maker that flew the coop. They will do what ever they can to keep all the newbie's out of town. Meanwhile all the blue collar can shack up together in substandard and overpriced rentals.

There is no solution to any of our current housing issues that are addressed by arresting development. We need to grow. We need development. It is going to happen.


Ilike2dv8 8 years, 10 months ago

elkeye - Why. This plan has been in the works for over 10 years and the ridicules delays have created enormous pent up demand for locals housing. Why do we need to delay the process further with a vote. The public has had countless opportunities to voice their opinion in support or lack thereof with regards to the plan... It was decided long ago the growth should be kept out of the South Valley and Strawberry Park. Although there was not a formal vote I would challenge anyone to make the argument that the community did not support the growth going west versus anywhere else.

So that being the case, again why is a vote needed? The delays are driving the cost of locals housing through the roof. Do you really want to debate where the housing goes... or do you just prefer no additional housing or growth at all. It's fine if that's your position; just state it instead of hiding behind a vote. It's not a secret that there are many in this valley who feel they have been let in so let's lock the gates (mostly folks new to the area since long time residents have the respect to know the community welcomed them or their ancestors at some point in time).

If the issue makes it to the ballot it WILL pass, it will just delay the inevitable but then again that's your idea of a solution right? Doesn't anyone plan past this weekend anymore... We HAVE to start taking the growth of the next twenty years into account at some point... we have waited long enough!

Let's face it, we wouldn't be here in the first place if we had planned ahead 20 years ago... instead the decision makers at the time were clinging to the hope no one else was going to move here.

Yep, that worked out real well...


elkeye 8 years, 10 months ago


Anything but "revenue neutrality" is unfair to the current residents of the City of Steamboat Springs!

The City better "find ways to ensure existing residents are not financially burdened by new residential development" or the annexation of SB700 is going nowhere (except to the referendum process)!

In addition to on-site infrastructure, SB700 should be required to pay for the improvements required to US40 to produce the capacity need for its project (those cost should not to be borne by the City at large).

The adequacy of the "raw" water supply as well as water/sewer treatment and service issues could be another major issue (i.e. cost) to be borne by SB700.

If the annexation agreement (to be negotiated) is not revenue neutral to the residents of the City of Steamboat Springs, that alone is a valid reason for a vote.


424now 8 years, 10 months ago

Property values fluctuate. It happens. Growth occurs in fits and starts as dictated by demand. Property values will be affected short term and then the added infrastructure and amenities will improve the property value.


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