Phippsburg water line under repair


— Water supply is remaining stable in Phippsburg, where residents have been asked to take extra steps to conserve water for the past week in light of a leak in the area's water main. Construction crews began repairs on the line this week, and Routt County officials are optimistic that water use can return to normal soon.

After the water level in Phippsburg's only well slipped to 50 percent July 22, the county asked residents to limit their water usage until the leak is fixed. About 120 homes in the Phippsburg area are affected.

"We have a policy of asking people not to water their lawns, wash their cars, and as soon as we get the temporary line in place, we'll lift that," said Mike Zopf, director of the Routt County Department of Environmental Health.

Residents of the South Routt town appear to be complying with the order, as the water levels are up slightly, Zopf said.

"People have all pitched in," Zopf said.

Requests to conserve water become necessary when wells dip low enough that levels could be in danger of falling short of meeting daily use needs and serving sufficiently in case of a fire, Routt County Emergency Management Director Chuck Vale said.

Duckels Construction began shoring the construction site earlier this week to maintain the security of the railroad tracks while the leak is fixed. Since the construction will occur underneath the rails, train traffic will not be impeded, Zopf said.

A temporary line first will be installed, and water use can return to normal once it is functional, while the leak in the permanent line is repaired. Affected residents will be notified, by reverse-911 calls and by signs posted in the Phippsburg area, when water use can return to normal, Zopf said.

Construction should be completed within two weeks, Zopf said.

Residents with questions can call Routt County Environmental Health at 879-0185.


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