William S. Schurman: Make King happy


I was so happy to read that we have all this undeveloped land to develop. The developers must be beside themselves. Just imagine Lincoln Avenue between 13th Street and Third Street. Glenwood's Grand Avenue would pale by comparison. Oh, and how about all the noise and dust of the building? Just sit on a bench now on Lincoln Avenue and "enjoy" the heavy trucks. At least put up an "Entering a construction zone" sign five to 10 miles on each end of town.

A benefit will be all the revenue. No more worrying about Dave King's Triple Crown contract. Lets extend it forever and build him a retractable roof stadium and turn the keys over to him. That should make the Chamber and their council friends happy to finally make Dave happy and quit threatening to leave us every time that he doesn't get his way.

William S. Schurman

Steamboat Springs


twostroketerror 8 years, 9 months ago

While I totally agree with the spirit of this of this letter, it smacks more of the 'comments' section in rationality. Did this really make it into print?


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