Taps to go dry for some


Water interruptions

When: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today, with smaller numbers of households affected Wednesday and Thursday

Who's affected: Sixty-nine homes in the Stone Lane and Hunters Glen neighborhoods, including five homes on the north side of Timothy Drive; and 64 units in four buildings in Walton Village (Pi, Sigma, Omega and Rho).

Other: The Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District expects to schedule two more service interruptions this week. On Wednesday, crews will work on the Skyview Lane connection, which will affect four buildings along the north side of Skyview. On Thursday, crews will work on the Walton Village connection, which will affect the Pi, Sigma, Omega and Rho buildings.

— More than 130 households on the city's south side will endure interruptions in water service this week, but the end of construction on Whistler Road is in sight.

"This week, Native Excavating will be making the final lateral connections to the new water main along Whistler Road," said Jay Gallagher, general manager of Mount Werner Water and Sanitation District. "To do this, they will be temporarily interrupting water service in several neighborhoods on both sides of Whistler Road in the Stone Lane area."

Today's service interruption is expected to last for about five hours in the middle of the day, but should allow for brewing a couple of pots of coffee in the morning and dinner preparation in the evening.

Affected residents were being notified by means of announcements placed on their doors Monday.

Mount Werner Water is tackling a $1 million water line replacement in the neighborhood south of Walton Creek Road and expanding the size of the line at the same time. The work also includes six fire hydrant replacements.

Gallagher acknowledged the inconvenience the neighbors have experienced this summer.

"I recognize the incredible patience of the residents, but I also understand patience has its limits and that it is important to manage and meet expectations," Gallagher said. "Later this week, we expect that Native's subcontractor, Connell (Resources), will begin pavement patching operations."

At the same time, he said, Native will begin to wind down its work with completion early next month, weather permitting.

"Following or concurrent with the paving operation, Native will address final punch-list items including re-vegetation, two hydrant abandonments, clean up and demobilization in the first week of August," Gallagher said.

About 2,400 feet of water main is being replaced and the diameter of the pipe is being increased to 12 inches. The pre-existing water line was installed about 1977, Gallagher said.

The water main replacement has caused motorists to detour around segments of Whistler Road to reach their homes or to use Whistler Park throughout the summer.

The project was scheduled to be complete by now. However, Gallagher said the related work of realigning a sewer line on Walton Creek Road took longer than expected, delaying the overall project.

Households affected by today's interruption in water service include:

- Hunters Glen: All homes on Redhawk Court.

- Timothy Drive: 1761, 1765, 1769, 1773, 1777.

- Stone Lane: 3425, 3429, 3435, 3445, 3449, 3416, 3418, 3408, 3410, 3426, 3428, 3420, 3422, 3430, 3432, 3436, 3438, 3440, 3442, 3444, 3446, 3448, 3450, 3452.

- Creekside Court: 1471, 1472, 1473, 1474; Bldg 400.

- Creekside Court: 1481, 1482, 1483, 1484; Bldg 100.

- Creekbank Court: 3451, 3452, 3453, 3454; Bldg 300.

- Creekbank Court: 3461, 3462, 3463, 3464; Bldg 200.

- Walton Village: Pi, Sigma, Omega, Rho

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summerbird 8 years, 9 months ago

I don't mean to make light of a serious inconvenience, but when I read the headline before reading the story, I immediately thought of beer taps. After all, this is Steamboat!


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