Natalie Gottbehuet: Let Wall move on


— I am writing concerning the recent articles in the Pilot & Today concerning Sheriff Gary Wall being convicted of a DWAI. If he was indeed guilty of the crime, which he apparently was since he was found guilty by a jury of his peers, I am glad to see our sheriff did not get off scot-free just because he is the sheriff.

I myself was found guilty of the same crime two years ago. I found myself angry at first, because I had convinced myself that others were at fault for it. I felt like it was someone else's or anyone else's fault but mine. I also thought there had been someone "out to get me." Over time and while completing my sentencing, I came to realize this was not the case, and the sooner I was able to own up and take responsibility for my actions, the better things would be and the sooner they would pass. I was sentenced to do DUI Education as well as DUI Therapy, among other things, and this is where I came to see that virtually everyone feels this way at first.

I mention it only because it is clear from your article that was in last Thursday's paper (July 17) that this is the case with our sheriff, as well. I hope that he is made to stick with whatever he is sentenced to do, and I hope in the end he will come to see that there really are consequences to our actions and in the end everyone has a bill that comes due for them, no matter who they are or what they do.

I look forward to seeing other articles other than this soon, as I feel this matter has received all the attention it needs. We should all let Mr. Wall get on with his own business, as surely there are better more exciting things going on.

Natalie Gottbehuet



boatski 8 years, 8 months ago

"as surely there are better more exciting things going on." Yeah, Like Cargo getting tasered!!!


nmypinon 8 years, 8 months ago

NOT a Gary fan: But at least he didn't react like the sheriff on the show I was watching the other night. 2 officers pulled over who seemed to be an intoxicated party. Much to their surprise it was their boss the SHERIFF. But in this case the sheriff just took off swinging & as a result of his actions he lost his job. Don't remember what county it was in though.


Whattha 8 years, 8 months ago

Sorry I disagree. This paper is ready to express their opinions with "Our View" on any city council member, city manager, school board member, and or school superintendent at the drop of a hat. I find it quite revealing that Steamboat Pilot & Today in "Our View" has not mentioned our troubled sheriff. At least Rob Douglas stood up and told us in his opinion what the Mr. Wall should do. How many communties have their acting sheriff doing his own time in jail all the while crying conspiracy?


otis 8 years, 8 months ago

Good point. I think the reason why Gary Wall upsets so many people is that he simply refuses to accept responsibility. Hey, everyone makes a mistake. But real men own up to them instead of denying and coming up with lame conspiracy theories. And he's supposed to be setting an example for our youth.


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