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Leave no trace

— We shouldn't generalize. Any damage can be eliminated by eco-friendly use. All users should clean up after themselves. Anglers should try not to leave behind fishing line, tubers and shore folk should clean up garbage, parents should keep their kids from catching and handling fish, dog owners should pick up after pets. Basically, just leave the river as it was before you got there. Smart use won't hurt the environment ... ignorance and neglect does.

- untamedShrewd

Playground build

Building the old playground was a wonderful community event, and those who participated have fond memories of their participation. Today's community members now have the opportunity to build their own memories, along with a playground that will last for the next generation. It's time to put our community spirit on display!

- Hammurabi

Softball support

Good luck, Pirates! You are AWESOME!

- bikegirl

Stops for bright lights

Happens all the time, because it can be an indication the vehicle has been stolen. When car thieves break into the steering column to start the car, the headlights are often locked into the bright position.

- JazzSlave

Failure to dim

I, too, have been pulled over for not dimming my lights. I also have a DWAI back from 1991, and when I went through alcohol classes, not dimming your lights is one of the factors (such as weaving, lights not on at all) that are cause for DUI suspicion.

- kielbasa (Matthew Stoddard)

Support for verdict

Driving under the influence laws were upheld here and we all made an ever important step toward toughness in DUI proceedings and no one who sides with uprightness, safety for all people on the roads or in homes waiting for loved ones to arrive home would argue that this is a good thing. I am grateful that this kind of toughness exists.

- tedwhetherby

Don't drink and drive

Don't drink and drive! As I've posted before, I drove after having a few to drink ONE time and turned around and parked my truck. Lesson learned because it scared ... me. For some it takes more, but thankfully no one lost a life in this case. That may seem like an extreme, but it happens all the time. People think they're okay to drive and then someone loses their life on a back road. Life is much too precious.

- Benny

Summer drinks

There is nothing better than an ice-cold glass filled with mouthwatering Pepsi-Cola on a hot mountain day. ... The second best is a real Dr. Pepper made with sugar, not that high fructose corn syrup. I had one when I was driving through Texas this spring. They bottle them in itty bitty bottles because of the cost of the sugar.

- 424now

Freeze it first

Take a 20 oz. Coke and put into the freezer until it just barely slushes. Ice-cold, ahhhhhh ...

- madmoores

Fair treatment?

Though there are a lot of things that happened in this case that are completely incredible, the most facinating one to me is that Wall was given a ride home after being booked ... If I ever get a DUI again, I for one will be asking for what has become known as "The Typical Wall Treatment."

- Y_not

No Dream Island sale

I am happy to see some people still remember what my Grandpa and Grandma Iacovetto's Dream Island was all about. ... They take pride in everything they do. I have some very nice memories of my days on DI with my family. I would hate to see anything happen other than restoration and the same pride my grandparents had in Dream Island to come back.

- shoe_Z-Q

'Dark Knight' praise

Saw "The Dark Knight" tonight ... it's awesome.

About the Chief taking in more profits recently ... Yes, that wouldn't surprise me. Wildhorse and Chief Plaza don't take the same movies. So for the past few months, Wildhorse has been giving the big releases ("Sex and the City," "Sweeney Todd," "The Hulk") to Chief so then they had pull to get "Indiana Jones" and "The Dark Knight."

- Random_Observations

Support for sheriff

Keep your head up, Gary! : My family, self and neighbors will continue to support you in North Routt!!

- scotts_run


tedwhetherby 8 years, 10 months ago

In response to what is quoted above. In the original letter written in to the Pilot blog, the following two sentances came right afterward. "And this judgment and case is only a sliver of the whole both for the legal system in general and in this man's life, career and character. Wall's case is partially about a DUI/DWAI and mostly about a message and an up keeping of public image." It is possible to support both DUI toughness and Wall's character, word, record of service and history of addressing the tougher issues in town and I do both.


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