Laura A Case: We need Lanning


As a constituent/resident of Steamboat Springs, I am so frustrated and disappointed in the politics of this town. I guess that Alan Lanning, city manager, is the next scapegoat to be sacrificed.

It seems that the elected officials in this town are not happy unless they have a personality conflict or some other minor problem to contend with. Conversely, you have a School Board member acting like an immature, disgruntled 14-year-old, and we can't even throw him out of office. I just don't get it. Between City Council, the School Board, and the high and mighty two of the three county Commissioners, could someone please get something done.

I think the double white line on Routt County Road 36 really solved the whole "size of the road" debate and should be kept as it is. It's a perfect solution and amusing at the same time. Additionally, look what the two moms have done to raise money for the accessible playgrounds. They didn't debate or talk it to death - they saw a need and did something about it. Kudos to them and all the volunteers who have stepped up.

Alan Lanning is stating things that the elected officials may not want to hear, i.e. infrastructure should be shored up/replaced or at the very least investigated, enforce the laws we already have on the books, Iron Horse, etc. He inherited a lot of these issues, as any new city manager would. He simply doesn't sugarcoat anything. Big deal. Maybe it is what needs to be said. What is the alternative? Force him to resign or fire him, at what cost? Then you will do what the School Board likes to do, hire a recruiting agency to find another city manager. Taxpayers can then kiss another $50,000 goodbye while they pursue that endeavor. Then they can wait six months to fill the position (with another imperfect person), all because Lanning didn't put little smiley faces on his memos? Give me a break and get over it.

Laura A. Case

Steamboat Springs


justathought 8 years, 9 months ago

factsfirst, is one's residence a prerequisite for having an opinion on a newspaper article?


sieverding 8 years, 9 months ago

yes, it sounds to me like Lanning is a professional. It must be difficult to be a professional working for the City of Steamboat. Years ago my neighbors were setting off city sized aerial fireworks 75 feet downhill from my property. Bennett invited the City Council to these parties. The assistant fire chief said that his department was told that if they protested their budget would be cut. After the Internet became available I found out that according to international standards we weren't even supposed to be allowed to be home when the fireworks were set off, the statistical danger was so high. In fact, between us and the fireworks there was a south-west facing hill of brush without vehicular access.

Another conflict I think the city council needs to face concerns the role of Anthony Lettunich. Steamboat has a full time attorney. Why does it also need a part time attorney who does business with people who also have applications before the city? The Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct supposedly prohibit an attorney employed by government from doing business with related parties without getting permission every time. You gotta wonder why council members come and go, city managers come and go, but Tony Lettunich remains?


steamvent 8 years, 9 months ago

justathought ... you are right, what factsfirst might have said is, "Sieverding, off your meds again?"


constant1 8 years, 9 months ago

jat, lol. damn you have a BIG nose. go pick it were we can't see, OK


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