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Whether you need new snowboarding boots, a rock climbing harness or a fleece, Steep and Cheap will have it - you may just have to wait awhile., a subsidiary of, offers "one killer gear deal, one item at a time till it's gone." Name-brand, premium items are offered all day long, with a great deal starting each night at midnight. Once that item is sold out, a new item pops up, so you have to move fast.

The site is addicting. Employees at businesses across Steamboat have been known to visit the site excessively, pounding the refresh button in hopes of finding just what they've always wanted, or something they never knew they needed but now know they must have.

Of course, Steep and Cheap has some options available to help buyers catch the items they really want. Clicking on the "Alert" tab in the upper right corner of the Web site brings up a variety of alerts for every type of shopper. RSS feeds, nightly e-mails sharing a few of the items to be offered the next day, Instant Message alerts and more mean you theoretically could catch all the deals each day.

Because Steep and Cheap is offering deals at 50 percent to 80 percent off the retail price, the company sets some limits. Each household can purchase only three items at a time, and any reselling of products is prohibited by the site.

Some sites offering deals this good are final sale only, but Steep and Cheap has a great return policy if items are defective or just not want you thought based on the picture on the screen. The company states it offers an "unconditional 100% guarantee" and that products come with an unlimited lifetime warranty.


summitbum 8 years, 9 months ago

There are two other sites does. which does snow, surf, skate stuff and which is all bikes.


prayforsnow 8 years, 9 months ago

I'm addicted to SAC and whiskey militia. Plus from Salt Lake, everything is normally here in a day or two. Love it!


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