Cowboys keep guard Sunday morning as a herd of cattle was led down Lincoln Avenue as a part of Steamboat's Cowboy Round Up Days. Spectators lined the street and cheered as the herd was led east along the street.

Photo by Joel Reichenberger

Cowboys keep guard Sunday morning as a herd of cattle was led down Lincoln Avenue as a part of Steamboat's Cowboy Round Up Days. Spectators lined the street and cheered as the herd was led east along the street.

Cattle on parade

Cowboys, cowgirls steer animals down Lincoln Avenue on Sunday


— Children were being children Sunday morning as they lined Lincoln Avenue, waiting for the stars of the Saddleback Ranch cattle drive.

"See any cows yet?" a boy in a Cubs cap asked his friends, peering westward toward 13th Street. "Can we at least just get on with the cows?"

A light drizzle misted over hundreds of folks who were tucked into sweatshirts and hats against the chill. A woman struggled to cheer up a boy whose face was as cloudy as the sky.

"I'm going to turn you over and shake you until all the happy bubbles in your toes reach your head," she said, hugging him and laughing.

Parents tried all manner of tactics to amuse the youngsters as the time stretched toward 10:15 a.m. Some were teaching: "Many cows are called cattle," a mom told her son.

Others were checking out

license plates of passing cars: "Montana. Do we have Montana?" a woman asked her crew.

Six-year-old Amber Slusser waited on the lap of her mom, Jenny, near Sixth Street. She stayed pretty patient, just once asking how soon the cows would arrive. Her experience with the cattle drive might have accounted for her relaxed attitude. Her family comes up from Littleton each year, and Amber saw the procession last year.

"I like all the baby cows," she said.

Cowboys and cowgirls finally herded the cattle onto the road just before 10:20 a.m., heading east from 13th Street toward Fifth Street, where they would turn toward the Brent Romick Rodeo Arena.

At that point, several children started suffering from a severe case of the repeats.

"There they are! There they are!" one boy yelled to his family.

"Here they come! Here they come!" another shouted.

"Holy cow," said one boy, grinning. He called his parents' attention to his pun. "Hey, Mom, holy cow."

"Ha," she replied.

Dozens of black, red, brown and white cattle tromped along, sending up cow complaints along the way. The crowd dispersed behind them, with some folks moving east to keep pace with the animals and others heading to breakfast, stores or other shelter.

Melanie Pien and her 10-year-old son, Kai, walked along near the Routt County Courthouse. Kai clutched a white speckled 1-pound jawbreaker and chattered happily.

"Mom, I was the first one to see the cows," Kai said. "I'm famous in the family."

The Piens were visiting from southeastern New York state.

"They don't do this there," Melanie Pien said with a chuckle.

The cattle drive was cool, mother and son agreed. Kai's favorite part was one of the animals leading the way, an impressive-looking beast with enormous horns.

"That was amazing," Pien said of the drive. "It was a lot of fun."

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grannyrett 8 years, 10 months ago

The kids enjoyed it. You knew it was going to happen, so if it inconvienced you, that's your fault. It's a holiday for pete's sake. Try to enjoy it.


elk2 8 years, 10 months ago

I agree with colowoodsman, it's more than an inconvenience when the main east/west artery is closed. I've said before, I hope no one dies because the road is blocked for the Mustangs or the cows. This community has become too large to close a state highway for cows of all things!!


colowoodsman 8 years, 10 months ago

BM- Tourism does not "own Steamboat" either! I have nothing against folks "having a little fun" but they don't have to block main street to do it. There is a lot more than "a little inconvenience" involved here. Lincoln Ave is a Federal US Highway. Slowing down thru traffic wastes time and fuel for truckers and motorists and adds to 'road rage'. During the first 'cattle drive' they held I got stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes with two employees in the truck costing me over $75.00. The traffic jam was so bad emergency vehicles would not have been able to respond if needed. Steamboat is not "progressing forward without me". Steamboat is turning into the same kind of urban jungle people move here to get away from. The tourism diease is getting way out of hand.


colowoodsman 8 years, 10 months ago

Right-on snowbow, BS sells! Tourism sucks! The only Cowboy hats you see in SS nowadays are on realators and ski patrol. They should just turn Lincoln into a permanent parade/corral/stockyard/carshow with signs on each end stating 'Locals and thru traffic Get Lost! We couldn't care less about you!'.


BoatMaster 8 years, 10 months ago

You two need to get a life and enjoy Steamboat.

Stop crying..... If don't like it then YOU get lost!!

Some folks love this place!


colowoodsman 8 years, 10 months ago

BM- some people love NY-that doen't mean they should bring it here!


cmducks 8 years, 10 months ago

I find it kind of ironic, that we take 20 cows downtown for 30 cowboys to heard in the name of tourisim. The same 'community' kept threatening the mays with legal action for moving their cows up 129. Blocking the road, and not cleaning up the poop.


colowoodsman 8 years, 10 months ago

BM- take your own advice-I don't need or want it.


BoatMaster 8 years, 10 months ago


I did take my own advice.... I am not crying about it like you are.

Waaaa...I'm colowoodsmand and I'm a local that doesn't like what Steamboat is so I will cry about it. Waaaaaa!


rsssco 8 years, 10 months ago

Someday I hope to look at one of these threads and not find colowoodsman bitching and crying like the selfish chump that he undoubtedly is. It must be a sad place inside your head. Lighten up and enjoy the world--or at least get out of the way and let others enjoy it. And frankly colowoodsman your a stone cold liar. I was downtown during both the parade and the cattle drive and there were no 45 minute delays. If you were stuck for 45 minutes than you're a bigger fool than you display here every day, as there were plenty of ways to get around the closures. But--oh--I forgot. The world should revolve around colowoodsman and his selfish look at everything in this town. What a world class whiner you are. Go suck your pacifier and have mommy change your diapers.


colowoodsman 8 years, 10 months ago

A boatmaster without a boat. If you don't like the comments -why read them? Or are you so vain that you think they are directed at you? There are many others that read these posts and who knows- they may stir people up enough to do something about it.


BoatMaster 8 years, 10 months ago


So I pointed out that you have a bad attitude about folks having a little fun. You use your great wit to tell me to take my own advise, but you did not notice that I do take my advice and don't cry about others having fun even if it causes a little inconvenience.

There are a group of folks on here that call themselves "locals" and feel they are owed something from Steamboat. They dislike the developers, tourists, triple crown, and anyone else that is having fun in Steamboat. You sound like one of these folks. I think you may have a hard time through life as Steamboat progresses forward without you.

Try to let the folks have some fun and don't get so mad about it. You don't own Steamboat.


Terry Noble 8 years, 10 months ago

Eventually the comment section will be no more if everyone continues to abuse "free speech". Has anyone stopped to think what a fine impression you are leaving the young you are suppose to be teaching "by example". Bickering, name calling and just plain lies are the legacy they are reading here. Like life itself, free speech was never intended to be abused. GROW UP supposed adults or your doom (and your children s) is sealed. And you call yourselves intelligent! I think I need to pray some more!


bigdog 8 years, 10 months ago

If the damn cows were in your way, just run them over. Then we all could have a BBQ with some fine road kill:-)

Lighten up all.


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