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Shared responsibility

— I am both biker and driver and each share responsibility to be safe and obey traffic laws. We have all seen bikers riding 2-3 abreast, failing to stop at stop signs, advancing to the right of stopped cars at a light (and then making a left turn) etc. We have all also seen drivers who go way too fast, don't pay attention, talk on cell phone, don't stop or roll stop at stop signs etc. I don't think we can legislate responsibility, so the best we can hope for is education and law enforcement.

- alphadog

Parade photo

What a great picture Joel Reichenberger captured for the front page of the paper (Saturday). Made me instantly smile and feel like a kid again. Great shot, Joel!

- rsssco

Scooter risks

I hope everyone who is jumping on the Scooter Bandwagon stops for a minute to realize how dangerous these "totally fun" vehicles are. They are too slow to keep up with traffic, and most roads don't have a shoulder wide enough for them to be safely out of the travel lane. Cars can come up on scooters quickly and then must either brake emergently or swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting them...both of these scenarios could have tragic consequences. : I hope and pray that a scooter tragedy doesn't have to happen in Steamboat before people understand the inherent danger in operating these motor vehicles.

- cybergypsy

700 vote

There is not a single bigger issue that will affect all the voters of Steamboat in the next decade or so. :I've yet to hear how (Steamboat) 700 will address the gridlock that will result on (U.S. Highway) 40 and more than likely Elk River road, downtown etc.

You can't add 2,000 homes to our community without addressing the chaos of summer traffic we are already suffering from.

- ColoradoNative


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