Luke Graham.


Luke Graham.

Graham: Who to root for


— Admittedly, I have no one to root for in the Super Bowl.

I could certainly make a case for whom I don't want to win, but part of watching the Super Bowl is always rooting for one team.

In order to pick between New England and New York, I had to look at the basics, break it down, award points, then pick which team I'm going to root for, inevitably throwing the balance of the game seeing as how no matter what team I root for always ends up losing.

So in the following five categories, each team is awarded points out of 10:

1. Town. New York or Boston. I've never been to Boston, so the easy assumption would be to award these points to the Giants. But the Giants don't actually play in New York. They play all their games in New Jersey. This has always been a point of contention with me. Why do the New York Jets and New York Giants claim they're New York teams when the two teams play in New Jersey? There is in fact only one true team from New York - the Buffalo Bills. Plus, I hear Boston's nice. New England 10, New York 9.

2. Fans. Both can get on the nerves, but both are very loyal. That's something I like. However, in Friday's Boston Herald, columnist Jessica Heslam presented actual statistics proving New England fans are "smarter, classier and healthier and own pricier homes than the riff-raff who root for the New York Giants." Using statistics from Nielsen, the TV ratings firm, Heslam shows New England fans have college degrees, drink higher-class alcohol and prefer the finer things in life. Talk about pretentious. New York 10, New England 9.

3. Recent Success. This is pretty simple. New England could be the greatest dynasty we've ever seen. The Red Sox won the World Series. The Celtics are the best team in basketball. New York wasn't expected to make it this far, wanted to fire its coach and kill its quarterback. New York also has the Yankees, the Mets and the Knicks. Seeing as how the New York teams have struggled for the past 10 years, we have to go with the underdog. New York 10, New England 9.

4. Coaches. Tom Coughlin or Bill Belichick. Boy, this is a hard one. Coughlin was almost out of job earlier this year, changed his coaching attitude and rallied the Giants. Belichick is the best in the game. The winner? Belichick, because all the greats (see my photo atop this column) wear sweatshirts. New England 10, New York 9.

5. Players. After scanning the rosters, the Patriots win. Not in terms of just talent, but they also have more Big 12 players (nine to two), and I'm a fan of the Big 12. New England 10, New York 9.

That's it. New England wins a narrow 48-47 battle. Time to strap on the hoodie and root for Belichick and the boys.


coloradoguy17 9 years, 2 months ago

Are you really going to do a rating system in order to decide who to root for? This is football, and you are making it out to be like a beauty contest. Sure, pulling for a team during the Super Bowl makes iwatching much more exciting, but come on, are you serious? Just watch the game and enjoy the football, that is what I am going to do as a Broncos fan.

This is how you are going to decide: Which city is better? Which team has more Big 12 football players? I am definitely convinced to root for the Pats because they won your little contest 48-47. . . Not!

Oh, and if I recall correctly Luke, in a recent column ("Graham: Is there any team to beat the Patriots? Yes.", December 24, 2007), you wrote: "I hate them. I hate Bill Belichick. I hate Tom Brady. I hate Randy Moss. I hate Bob Craft. I hate cheaters. I hate Massachusetts. I hate Boston." But now, you are cheering for the team that plays in the same city that you hate.


Newcomer 9 years, 2 months ago

Why do a rating system if you are going to give 10 to the "winner" and 9 to the "loser" every time?


bloggyblog 9 years, 2 months ago

bloggy thinks he left out the most important comparison. how annoying is the accent? New Yorkers are pretty bad, but that Boston pronunciation is hands down the most obnoxious sound on earth. it almost sounds like they're all "retaaaded".


andymanout 9 years, 2 months ago

This is football. As a matter of strict fact this is it, the end, the big show, all that and a bag of chips.

Because on Feb 4

no more football till next year. (the pro-bowl doesn't count)

For the sake of friendly competition, pick a team. It doesn't matter how you pick a team, just pick one! Get a friend to pick the other guys or vice versa. Cook good food, add cold drinks and a color TV.

Get the grease pencil off the bench and put up a grid on the window or the fridge. Stuff like; length of first kickoff, length of first scoring drive even whos gonna catch the first pass then place your bets!

Whatever! Wear your team colors! Put on your old high school jersey!

Get together with your friends and watch this if no other football game this year. My team is not there. It doesn't matter who's there. It matters that we have this strange and amazing American tradition. We play a game like no other.

We play Football.

I gotta root for little Eli and his mythical giants it's too easy to root for the perfect patriots.

I don't like the new york. I don't care about the patriots perfect season. (yet)

I'm just picking the underdog and making some noise.

Go Giants!

Have a great Superbowl Sunday!


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