Teen Style: Computers lack the charm of pastimes


— I remember in kindergarten when I got the chicken pox and had to stay home for days.

Rather than turning to the now common resources, the computer and TV, I satisfied myself with an armful of stuffed animals and various games.

Some of my favorite board games were "Candyland," "Chutes n' Ladders" and "Sorry." There were afternoons of chess with my dad, and family game nights filled with Scrabble, Clue and Monopoly.

But as I grew, the classic board games started to change. They started to become available for purchase on a disk. You could just stick it in the computer, select the amount of players and presto, the game is instantly set up.

Instead of spreading out the game board on the floor, spare pieces scattered and the four of us rolling across the carpet with laughter, the character of the game disappeared with the clutter.

Computer games seem to have become more popular than board games. Millions of game Web sites are available, such as Miniclips and www.addictivegames.com. Young people spend hours staring at a screen. Solitaire is played more virtually, on the Web, than with a physical deck of cards.

Board games are a lost pastime, and they have nearly disappeared out of our modern-day culture.

So on behalf of the memories, I'm asking you - to not let these board games go extinct. Challenge your buddies at Risk, Balderdash, Apples to Apples or Worst Case Scenario. You will be sure to get some laughs. Test your skills in Cranium, Pictionary or Catchphrase.

Forget about those glowing machines in the corner for a day and bring back the board games.


letomayo 9 years, 3 months ago

It might help families with kids that are ignored all day. Board games need families and brothers and sister to play, computers are away for parents to entertain there kids without having to be there with them. Thats why there are so many computers. Cyberfriends are better than real friends because they don't make funof your cloths or color or your religion and if you don't like who you are and how you are treated by your real friends you can be someone else in cyberspace. Nice idea for the losers of the world in this town and anywhere else. Board games just don't allow parents to do what they want when they are stuck with there kids. You have a nice thought Molly keep that when you have kids and think you want ot buy them a computer or nintendo or playspace or wii.


zeketaken 9 years, 3 months ago

letomayo, I'm not sure if you are advocating for cyberfriends or knocking them, but those board games give you some of that same simulated way of solving everyday problems. Maybe not to the extent of you might like, but board games encourage conversation, they challenge you they help you to think in different ways- while "playing" or interacting with cyberfriends just allows for the all too common cop-out. When things get rough in real live it is too easy for kids to take the approach mentioned rather than deal with their problems and let those times together with family and friends help them out of their situations, or at least discuss those problems. If you were to look at many of the societal problems with kids going on killing rampages, it is easy to see how the computer played some role, large or small. The computer can be a great thing, but also a dangerous "toy" when its users turn to the computer rather than people. Friends and family do need to take a much stronger role in childrens' lives, but by saying the computer can give you what the real world can't is such an unsophisticated and inexperienced way to look at what the computer is in today's world.


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