Mike Knezevich: Continue support


— I wanted to personally thank all of the school district staff, community organizations, families and community members that have provided support and resources during the past week, in light of our recent crisis involving two young adults in our community.

The support, assistance and encouragement from all of these individuals and groups truly represent what makes Steamboat Springs such as special place. Coming together and being compassionate of each other at a time of need is what truly defines the Steamboat community.

Let us continue to be strong and supportive of each other as we move forward in the grieving process toward healing.

Mike Knezevich

Principal, Steamboat Springs High School


portagetheyampa 9 years, 3 months ago

Why doesn't Principal Knezevich come out and say the tragic DEATHS of two students, one in a car accident and the other a suicide? By not even acknowledging what happened to Anne and Cole, he is denying the issue. His reference to "recent crisis involving two young adults in our community" is simply a convenient euphemism, and frankly a cop-out on his part. What cowardness!!

If the high school principal can't even be honest and straightforward about these tragedies what kind of role model or support system can he possibly provide for the young people in our community to really deal with the loss, grief, guilt and anger that accompany the deaths of these two outstanding children?


elk2 9 years, 3 months ago

I think it's called respect for the families. It's very difficult to see in print a story about your childs tragic death. The principal did the right thing out of respect for the families.


MtnWarlock 9 years, 3 months ago

elk2, Ditto! Some people just don't get it or they just have a giant hard-on for the school district and some of it's employee's! They must of recieved their tax bill from the county!


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