Commissioner Monger to seek re-election

West Routt rancher says there's more work to be done


— Routt County Commissioner Doug Monger wants to represent West Routt for another four years and will run for a third term in November.

"I think there's a lot of things we haven't finished up," Monger said Monday. "I feel like I've got four more years of public service in me."

Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak announced last month that she also will run for re-election. Commissioner Diane Mitsch Bush is not up for election in 2008.

No Republicans have announced their intention to challenge Monger, a Democrat.

"We have not had anyone express interest at this juncture," said Routt County Republican Central Committee Chairman Vance Halvorson.

Monger counted as accomplishments the completion of the Routt County Justice Center, the ongoing remodel of the historic Routt County Courthouse and the remodel and expansion of Yampa Valley Regional Airport.

"That's one I've been very committed to and diligent in working toward," Monger said about the airport project.

Monger said growth, water, energy, forest health and the development of a sustainable economy will be major issues for the county in the next four years.

"I look forward to the election discussion," Monger said. "It's time for the voters to reprioritize their feelings."

Monger, who lives near Hayden, is a rancher and accountant. He is a fourth-generation native of Routt County, a trait he said colors his policy decisions.

"I don't believe that gives me a lot more than anybody else, but it means a lot to me personally, and I think people can see my heartfelt devotion to taking care of what we have here," Monger said. "Society is very transient this day and age. Longevity certainly contributes to the desire to make sure you don't dirty your own nest."

Monger also touted the stability of the county government and the compatibility of the current trio of county commissioners.

"I think there's a lot to be said about the teamwork of the county," Monger said. "I very much enjoy working with the people I work with."

Routt County Democratic Chairman Ken Brenner described Monger as "very qualified to serve Northwest Colorado."

"We had encouraged him to look at the House District 57 race," Brenner said. "But he's very dedicated to serving Routt County, and I think that's great. I've really enjoyed working with Doug.

"It's essential to have somebody on the county commissioners who's an active rancher, who understands that way of life and point of view. : Doug, he's kind of the prototype of the new progressive Democrat that's more moderate on a lot of issues, but progressive on others."

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snowysteamboat 9 years, 3 months ago


Just who are you referring to as far as the SS Eastcoast City Council trustafarians who are quietly eroding our Western Heritage?


tom bedell 9 years, 3 months ago

i was relieved to hear doug was running for re-election. even if you don't always agree with everything he does, you should take the time to contemplate what a difficult and often thankless job he does for routt county. i don't know him personally, but he seems a man of honesty and integrity and those are hard qualities to find in anyone. so instead of throwing insults and negativity at our public servants, try throwing them a thank you instead. or...if you feel that strongly about it, grap the bull by the horns and run for office yourself! just be careful cause you might win, and then find the finger pointing at you.


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