There are many theories on ways to cure hangovers, from raw egg concoctions to the simplest method, not drinking.

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There are many theories on ways to cure hangovers, from raw egg concoctions to the simplest method, not drinking.

Unhappy hours

The morning of Jan. 1 is traditionally a mulligan for those who drink too much the night before


— Curing the common hangover is one of the great pursuits in amateur medical science.

At least it seems that way given the seemingly random elixirs posited forth to curtail the headaches and bellyaches common after someone "over does it."

But which, if any, home remedy actually works? Why are there so many? Why are most of them disgusting?

Beverage connoisseurs from around Craig weighed in Monday afternoon as many residents ambled around town peacefully, calming themselves before the bubbly midnight storm.

Many personal cures follow one of a few logical assumptions: The cure must either A) coat the stomach, thereby shielding it from alcohol's nauseous tinge; B) force the person to sweat profusely, thereby making them expel the odorous alcohol more quickly; or C) make the person vomit.

The latter assumes the person will feel better when he or she throws up, so they might as well anyway.

That assumption might be behind one hangover fix provided by Joni Sears, who heard tomato juice and raw eggs cleans the tracts.

Sears, though, said she hasn't yet mustered the derring-do to try the red potion. She generally sticks to ibuprofen.

"I don't know how it's supposed to work," Sears said. "If you throw up, then you'll be cured."

Daniel Crutsinger favors a cure with a different flavor.

"Real hot stuff," Crutsinger said.

Jalapeños. And early in the morning.

"It just kind of sweats it all out of you," Crutsinger said. "You wake up in the morning, get some eggs and salsa. Right away, whenever you feel bad."

Or, someone can stuff his or her gut with enough heavy foods to hopefully plug the holes and keep all that stomach acid busy instead of restless.

French fries were one such method, heralded for their success in keeping nausea and vomiting to a minimum.

Another story revolved around lots of butter, but that one didn't have such a happy ending, and as such, a less enthusiastic endorsement.

Local bartenders and pharmacists have less flashy suggestions.

"Just sleep," said Michele Toovey, OP Bar and Grill bartender. "Or drink a lot of water. That's actually the best way."

Jennifer Penfold, Mathers bartender, and Cindy Renfro, Popular Bar bartender, favored Bloody Marys the next morning and ibuprofens or aspirins to take the edge off.

"I always have a Bloody Mary the next day," Penfold said. "It always helps me. And ibuprofens. The cure-all."

Pharmacists held that, like other bad decisions, the repercussions from alcohol can be mitigated with a little discretion.

"As a pharmacist, I would say prudence prevails," Safeway staff pharmacist Chuck Klesath said. "If you're drinking to have a hangover, I don't recommend that."

Klesath agreed with Wal-Mart pharmacist John Callahan, who said if someone has to have a hangover, lots of liquids - specifically water - can help.

"Dehydration is the big thing," Callahan said. "So, drink a lot of fluids. Not alcoholic ones."

The ratio should be high, too, City Market Staff Pharmacist Cameron Kopatz said.

"Always drink water when you're drinking alcohol," Kopatz said. "A one-to-one kind of deal."

A little food can help absorb some of the alcohol itself, also, Kopatz added.

As far as over-the-counter remedies such as the popular Chaser product, no pharmacist would stand behind them.

"Some people come in looking for that stuff that the gas stations sell, but we don't carry them," Kopatz said. "None of them were ever studied by the Federal Drug Administration, so who knows what's in them."


MtnWarlock 9 years, 2 months ago

Out of the many yearsof hang overs, I've learned the best remedy for a hang over is not to drink in excess but moderately. When I did binge on the festivities, I would take 2 multiplex Vitamin B complex 500mg, 3 asprin and a 16oz bottle of Coke, then I would retire to get plent of sleep. The next mornings menu would be filled with hot food and 40 oz of water. Slept right through to this years new year! I feel good!


corduroy 9 years, 2 months ago

I find just not drinking is best. Spent 4 years of college in that haze, my stomach likes me again :)


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