The owner of this car outside the townhomes on Eaglepointe Drive will need a shovel before moving this vehicle. December storms have left Steamboat buried in several feet of snow, thrilling skiers, but maybe not drivers.

Photo by John F. Russell

The owner of this car outside the townhomes on Eaglepointe Drive will need a shovel before moving this vehicle. December storms have left Steamboat buried in several feet of snow, thrilling skiers, but maybe not drivers.

Snowfall nears records



Heavy December snows have left Steamboat residents with plenty of digging out to do as several feet of snow during the past week have blanketed cars and driveways.

— The December 2007 snow that people in Steamboat Springs have battled and reveled in has earned a top-four ranking based on 99 years of records.

Last month's snowfall totaled 74.2 inches, according to longtime weather observer Art Judson. That number has been surpassed just three times according to records that go back to 1908, he added.

Judson's measurements were taken at a weather station perched above U.S. Highway 40 between downtown Steamboat Springs and Mount Werner, and do not reflect snowfall totals at Steamboat Ski Area. Older records were taken at different locations in the city.

Kent Kirkpatrick of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. reported 9 inches of new snow at the ski area on Monday morning, with another inch falling after 9 a.m. as the skies began to clear. Those 10 inches gave the ski area its third-highest December snowfall: 126 inches.

Snow fell at the ski resort on 26 of December's 31 days.

Ski area spokeswoman Heidi Thomsen cited ski area records that show 165.5 inches of snow fell at mid-mountain in December 1983 and 133.5 inches fell in December 1990. The average December snowfall at mid-mountain is 66.8 inches.

Some residents might recall December 1983 as the year of 40 days and 40 nights of nearly continuous snow. That weather event began in November 1983.

Mid-mountain snow in December has surpassed 100 inches three other times since 1979. The most recent was 2005, when 105 inches fell.

Judson said in terms of December snowfall in the city, the months that surpassed 2007 included December 1922, with 79.3 inches of snow; 1951, with 84.6 inches; and 1983, with 92.6 inches.


grannyrett 9 years, 2 months ago

sbvor-What you know about me would fit on the head of a pin with lots of room left over. If I said "have a nice day" you'd have to pin a link to it to prove it was going to rain.


dogdog 9 years, 2 months ago

Denial is not just a river in Eqypt

sbvor, would you be impressed if I found the other 7,987 links to studies on global warming, supported by the vast majority of scientists worldwide, that have a different conclusion than the ones you posted?

BTW, global warming has zero to do with the temperature or amount of snowfall Steamboat.

Get a grip and realize that the years of damage done to our planet need to be addressed before it is too late.


grannyrett 9 years, 2 months ago

Good Lord sbvor-can't you just give it a break! If we say it's cold, you have to rant on and on. If we say it's hot, you do the same. Have a Happy New Year, and just for a week, try to just read a post and not have to bring your links and links and links and links.


AmebaTost 9 years, 2 months ago

Some people need links to speak for them, I like mine with breakfast.


Matthew Stoddard 9 years, 2 months ago

sbvor (anonymous) January 2, 2008 at 11:11 a.m. (Suggest removal)

Okay, I can live with deleting the purely ad hominem even when it's objectively accurate.

Maybe it will help keep people focused on the issues.

So, sbvor is now all about censorship. Nice going, Kerry! No ad hominem here; just the fact that the Boring One is now into censorship. Most likely lying, too. No sooner did you say (uh-huh- becoming a Liberal more and more each day) that YOU didn't suggest removal) that you then say you are okay with it.

Yeah: your credibility slips more and more each day. Plus, you really are the only one with "issues." That's what doctors are for.

Amebatost: I like my links on a Z Burger.


thalgard 9 years, 2 months ago you actually have a life? Do you just post the "scientific" findings of people who work for must get free gas or something...


steamboatsprings 9 years, 2 months ago

All in all a great month in Steamboat for snow. In typical Steamboat fashion the snow reports on the mountain were very conservative a tradition that I am glad to see continue with Intrawest given the "optimism" expressed in the snow reports at Copper Mountain.

There were 6 thigh to waist deep days in the trees over the last 2weeks on snow reports that ranged from 9-17 inches. Not only the people are real here but the snow reports are too. Clearly a local conspiracy to let the crowds stay along I-70 :)


kusellout 9 years, 2 months ago

I moved from Denver to Steamboat this year, and I also appreciate the conservative snow reports here. I have shown up on at least 4 occasions at Breckenridge to not half of the lifts/trails open as had been reported.

I'm loving the 'Boat so far, and even though I'm a Libertarian, I think I could overlook an exception to let the government charge a completely unaffordable toll on Rabbit Ears pass to keep the I-70 commuter crowd away :) You know they'll start coming sooner or later:.


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