Trailside seeking approval

Key site in Highway 40 corridor enters round two in city planning process



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The condominiums at Trailside Village would offer easy access to the Yampa River Core Trail, mass transit and grocery shopping. They would be built immediately south of the Staples office supply store in the Steamboat Crossing commercial center.


Courtesy rendering

Steamboat Springs developer Brian Olson proposes to build 200 market-rate condominiums and 30 affordable units on 7.5 acres off U.S. Highway 40, between downtown and the ski mountain. Olson successfully developed The Pines condominiums across the highway in 2005 and 2006.

— A residential development that would add 200 market-rate condominiums and 30 affordable condos to the U.S. Highway 40 corridor is working its way through the city planning process.

Trailside Village would be built on 7.5 acres immediately west of the Staples office supply store between downtown Steamboat Springs and the Steamboat Ski Area.

"We want to provide attainable housing in the free market for our local people," developer Brian Olson said. "That's what's exciting. We feel the free market is creeping up so high, we're going to attract a lot of locals with our price range."

He has a track record of doing that. Olson completed The Pines condominiums, immediately across the highway from the Trailside site, in 2006. He said this week that he tentatively hopes to deliver Trailside condominiums to the market at prices from $300,000 to $600,000.

Realistically, Olson anticipates second homeowners will be among the buyers for the condominiums. And one of the two largest buildings at Trailside would have a check-in lobby to accommodate on-site management and short-term rentals.

Homes will vary from one-bedroom units of 750 to 850 square feet, to two-bedroom and two-bedroom-plus-den units at 980 and 1,080 square feet. The project also will include three-bedroom units comprising 1,434 square feet.

Olson and his partner purchased the land for Trailside Village last year, from THF Real Estate of St. Louis. The previous owners attempted to gain city approval for a similar housing development, The Groves, in 2005 and 2006, but withdrew from the process.

THF also unsuccessfully proposed to develop a Walgreens store on a separate, nearby parcel, on the north side of Pine Grove Road along Fish Creek. Olson also acquired the commercial property where the pharmacy would have gone, but said he's not prepared to make those plans public.

"We are working on a mixed-use development on the north side that would provide a community amenity," Olson said.

Additionally, on the southern end of his residential development, Olson is proposing to donate 3 acres of forest and wetlands to the city's Parks and Recreation Department. The parcel is adjacent to the Yampa River Core Trail. The developers also would build a 12-foot-wide sidewalk in front of their complex, paralleling U.S. 40.

City staff is currently evaluating technical aspects of the Trailside Village site plan. No public hearings have been scheduled.

"In general terms, the architectural approach seems to be moving in the right direction," Senior City Planner Jonathan Spence said.

Olson is proposing a mix of building types among the 10 included in the project.

The two largest buildings comprise 120,000 and 75,000 square feet, including below-grade parking beneath the buildings. They are situated closest to the highway and deliberately planned to provide density on the site.

Spence said that when THF brought its proposal forward, city government sought density on the site because it offers the opportunity for strong mass transit connections, proximity to the Yampa River Core Trail and the ability to walk across the highway to grocery stores, among other businesses.

"From the planning perspective, we heard density, density, density," Spence said. "We've been supportive of the larger buildings, with the acknowledgement that the site has to function with regard to adequate usable open space, amenities and snow storage."

The site plan for Trailside Lodge shows a sweep of open space in the middle of the project. Tentatively, amenities would include a swimming pool. The condominiums also would be within easy walking distance of Fetcher Park and Fetcher Pond.

The first phase of Trailside would include five of the development's smaller buildings on the west side of the site, closest to the Yampa River, Olson said. Infrastructure for the complete site also would be built in phase one.

Olson said he would like to break ground this year.

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ColoradoNative 9 years, 1 month ago

Double his density and build Market Rate Apartments.........

300k-600k for market rate condos eh? Yup that will fill the void for employees in Steamboat.

Sorry bud but 300k for a 1 bedroom box is not attractive to locals.

At 20% down that is 240k to finance. Assuming a local has 60k down that is Monthly payment of.

30 Years

Interest rate: 5.750% Loan amount: $ 240,000.00 $ 1,400.57

That figure does not include taxes, insurance and an HOA.

That's a ton of cash for a 1 bedroom unit.

If you get into the 450k price range for an average unit you are talking over 100k down and payments of $2,600 a month.

Why even pretend this is for locals.

It's more of the same. Eventually someone will build out what many of us have been saying. They should be rewarded by the city with the density and the developer will have a solid cash flow for decades to come.


another_local 9 years, 1 month ago

The proposed location is a good one for a local's housing project. As the story describes, it is on the transportation line and close to amenities like grocery stores. If you want to establish a community of residents with a stable neighborhood character the development needs to be zoned NO NIGHTLY RENTALS! The two uses do not mix long term.

Give the developer higher density only if they argree to a model that has no rentals less than 30 days.


sickofitall 9 years, 1 month ago

"SELL ME" Steamboat Springs Colorado

What happened to "Stop the Brutal Marketing" and "Drive Friendly" lol


letomayo 9 years, 1 month ago

Justasking, Cubans don't have to pay for their housing? Maybe thats why their the enemy of ours. Is that why America hates Cuba because of cheap or free housing?


JustAsking 9 years, 1 month ago

Will someone please explain why a chosen few of a much larger group should be granted the right to live in a highly desirable location and the majority who are not members of that group should be required to pay for them to do so?

Isn't it time to admit that the "affordable housing" pipedream will NEVER begin to work and the only possible solution is to allow development on cheaper land away from the mountain base?

Do any of the "affordable housing" proponents understand that LAND COSTS are a major component of any development? The ONLY way to reduce this cost is to increase the supply of available building land --something the city and county has vigorously obstructed-- or to move farther from "the main attraction."

Time to face facts. Socialist housing has NEVER been a successful approach anywhere in the USA. If you want socialist housing move to CUBA.


watchout 9 years, 1 month ago

The miracle of Steamboat Real estate will be severly tested in the next few years. The developers in this valley keep telling everyone that the chaos that has hit the mortgage industry worldwide will not hit dear old Steamboat. In business, that is called " talking your own book." $300-$600k generic condos marketed to 2nd home-owners may just be the first project that doesn't sell out overnight. We may all get used to "see-through" condos and commercial buildings in Steamboat in the next few years. And there may be a few less business people who think being a "real estate developer" is a good idea.


dave reynolds 9 years, 1 month ago

sick..i agree those ideas have long gone down the pipeline of developer wantsaffordable housing they lose money the heck with the locals sell to second home owners take the money and run..then when we have another snow year like this one and the GOD Bless them city plow drivers are over worked and no shops or retaurants can find help well we know who to blame..but counsel keeps approving these devolopements..we have empty retail space now what happens when the projects downtown are done..more empty retail space..seems we lost track of what is important workforce and affordable housing,deed restricted or not..if we have no work force then we have no commerence which equals no tourism..we must keep housing affordable in order to survive


ColoradoNative 9 years, 1 month ago

I'd welcome a slow down here in Steamboat. Only problem is while many complain it's too expensive here there are buyers stepping into the market because it's still relatively cheap compared to other ski town/resort areas of our country.


dave reynolds 9 years, 1 month ago

Well lets hope it happens cause I don't se it down the road..the price of land equal to materials plus wages..wel you figure it out I got lucky got off work early don't have time to do the research you can


Bill Whittemore 9 years, 1 month ago

I don't like the ideas about building these condominiums. My reasons for my opinions are: a) The land on Route #40, right behind Staples is just like a swamp as soon as the snow starts to melt, and that land never gets totally dry for the whole year. b) No way can someone who would need a one to three bedroom home to live in, be able to spend 400K - 600K. c) At all of our moible home parks, no renting is allowed. I feel that for all condominiums that are being built now and in the future should have a strong rule that states that no renting is allowed. I feel that this is a very good idea because most of every year, many condominiums are empty. Steamboat should start doing something about this. I like to see the nature we have here much more than all of he empty buildings that we must see most of the year.


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