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Superintendent candidates will be asked to answer the following questions:

- How would you build trust and establish positive relationships with your board, staff, parents and community?

- Describe how you will develop effective leadership teams.

- How will you encourage a balance between individual and school creativity and innovation with our common vision and direction for the district?

- Describe two instances where your leadership led to positive outcomes and one instance where you would have done things differently.

- In a community with a high cost of living, what would be your strategies for recruiting and retaining quality staff?

— The job description posted Tuesday for the Steamboat Springs School District's open superintendent position included a list of qualifications that School Board members conceded may be tough for even the most skilled candidate to meet.

Steamboat Springs School Board member Lisa Brown said the community demands excellence and that it will take a special person to move the high-performing district forward.

"With really high expectations of superintendents in our community, there are a lot of chances for the superintendent to really shine," she said. "They are coming into a situation where people really value education. It's an opportunity to have someone - when they see all that we have with our core curriculum and the beautiful environment - to really shine."

According to the superintendent application packet, the ideal candidate will promote a culture of excellence; focus on students and maintain a high expectation of achievement of 21st-century skills; value community, staff and parent input; and support technology's role in education.

Other qualifications sought by board members include building relationships and consensus, a trait the former School Board cited as one of the reasons it bought out the contract of former Superintendent Donna Howell.

Howell's salary was $145,229, and interim Superintendent Sandra Smyser is being paid $102,353 under her prorated contract. Her base salary is similar to Howell's when calculated for a full work year. The district's next superintendent will receive similar compensation, with a salary of $150,000 plus benefits, according to the advertisement.

The application deadline is March 4, with interviews scheduled March 25 and 26. The date of employment starts July 1.

Smyser was unavailable for comment Tuesday on whether she has applied or intends to apply for the full-time position. Applications are sent directly to the Colorado Association of School Boards, which was hired by the district to assist in the superintendent search. Board members won't know who has applied for the position until after the application deadline.

After focus group sessions last week between CASB officials and community members, former Steamboat Springs City Councilwoman Karen Post said board members will have a hard time finding a candidate that matches all of the community's wishes.

"Given what I heard : we want the moon," she said.

Despite the pressure put on educators from an engaged community that expects the most out of its schools, Brown noted that the next superintendent will enter a district with few hurdles to success.

"High expectations isn't the worst pressure to have," she said.


letomayo 9 years, 1 month ago

B4U, you are still angry with C&D since August to write like you do that can only mean you were very involved with the booting of the other superintendent and maybe your that superintendent or else why would you be writing all of the things you wrote? It probably is a good thing that you were gotten rid of to hold this much anger for these two board members. I thought it takes a majority to get rid of a super and there were five against the other one. That must mean the other one didn't have anyone who liked her and this board would need at leastt three so how can C&D do it themselves?


wissbecklarry 9 years, 1 month ago

I'm encouraged by the School Board's recent discussions over the all day Kindergarten proposal. It seems they are going to gather information, take public input, THINK about it, and then set a POLICY. That policy will be implemented by the Superintendent.
That has long been the proper division of responsibility. It seems to me the new School Board is on the right track. This new recognition of its proper role should go a long way toward turning into a governing body instead of a personality cult.


Matthew Stoddard 9 years, 1 month ago

Ahhhhh...someone can't type more than 2 sentences of original content. Must be a product of the old school board.


steamboatsconscience 9 years, 1 month ago

kiel bowwow called b4 out as our old buddy Principallysent. as in a AJ- bore moment


D_Icer 9 years, 1 month ago

WOW!! i never realized that Donna Howell was being paid so much for doing a sub-par job. Maybe if the schools are going to pay a superintendent such a large salary we should get our money worth. But i can say I'm happy to see Howell gone


BowWow1 9 years, 1 month ago

D - icer you nailed it on the head! Also can't believe Howell is still so obsessed with losing her job that she and/ or her former BOE buddies continue the same verbatim blog attacks on D and Connelly even though they are doing a good job keeping things on track with the novice BOE members, who can't seem to figure out what to do yet. Stop stalling and make some real decisions ABC's.


another_local 9 years, 1 month ago

The job Howell did was far from "sub-par." Her work was outstanding and her departure from the job was a loss (not mention an expense) to the district. She accomplished many important things that will benefit the district for years to come, not least of which were the successful bond issues for the new Soda Creek elementary building and for teacher salaries. She also brought the district into communication with other community organizations in a constructive way that has not been seen here for some time.

That most people agree with my position and were unhappy with how the whole mess was handled by the old BOE was shown in the last election when the candidates up for re-election that supported Howell's removal were soundly defeated. In the next district election I expect you will see the other two gone as well. The new super will need to keep the usual suspects on the radar until then.


Matthew Stoddard 9 years, 1 month ago


A lot of people also voted for Gary Wall. Look how that turned out.


fmrstudentlxa 9 years, 1 month ago

I am surprised that we are continuing to have this debate. I don't like Dr. D or Denise at all and while Howell did a good job there were clearly some aspects that she was not efficient at. Attacking the new board is absurd. Change was made which was exactly what most constituents wanted with the BOE. So instead of beginning to push personal vendettas and agendas lets move forward and find someone that will give us a solid step towards giving our students the best education we can provide.


BowWow1 9 years, 1 month ago

Fmrstudentlxa:A personal vendetta? My, my, just reread some of the numerous postings all sent by B4U. That is a neurotic vendetta and we all know who is behind them. I am all for moving on ... just quit the constant sniping and sit back and see what the change you voted for will bring....


Matthew Stoddard 9 years, 1 month ago

No, formerstudent is correct- the people spoke and elected 3 new BOE members. Thing is, now anything that happens has to be blamed on those 3 as well as the other 2. ABC now has to bear the brunt of criticism as much as C & D.

PSent Part Deux (still not convinced it is PSent, but the more posts that aren't just cut & paste jobs, and I'll have a better idea) is just talking out of the south end on this. The whole Mellor thing- Connelly was INSTRUCTED by Crossan to handle it. Crossan herself didn't step in. So read into that as you will. I personally think Mellor deserved the extra money.


Matthew Stoddard 9 years, 1 month ago

Yes, yes, and Howell had IT slip in during the middle of the night to not get caught on D's computer. What's your point? If it was within her right...and it was...why didn't she do it during operating hours?

B4- You just can't let go of the past which means you will forever live in it, getting passed by.


fishy 9 years, 1 month ago

B4 i.e. principally sent - can't believe you want to dredge up the past and expose yourself as a nut again. it sure looks like we should all be glad the old board got rid of you. thank you thank you thank you.


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