Yule Log Hunt clue No. 8


Announced Dec. 18

Hop on over and take a peek

Beyond Victory road, so to speak.

Check all turns, I'll tell you why,

You're close to where the log does lie.

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 7

Announced Dec. 17

Fifty years ago ground did break.

At least 12 men had a stake.

Sun and storm, wind and rain,

Don't go there, cub and claw remain.

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 6

Announced Dec. 16

Standing in a copse so green

Once senators, counts - now fit for a queen.

See 'P' reversed, you're on your way.

Where cattle once grazed on finest hay.

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 5

Announced Dec. 15

In 1890 the Pilot came to stay.

Six on a ribbon on a stormy day.

Tread from Whipple the wagon did go.

Keep following the clues, the log may show.

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 4

Announced Dec. 12

In 1805, the Brits beat the French.

Follow that name: It's still no cinch.

Ranching and water go hand-in-hand.

Should you go toward his titled land?

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 3

Announced Dec. 11

Old and new, buy and sell.

Where it comes from, you can't tell.

Holiday delight this shopping season?

Or are your eyes and teeth the main reason?

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 2

Announced Dec. 10

Take a spin around the loop.

Look high and low, even stoop.

The log could be most anywhere

Within the bounds of our city fair.

Yule Log Hunt clue No. 1

Announced Dec. 9

Throughout the day and in the dark,

The log lay last year in Rita's park.

Under her sign the log did rest,

Your start is here for this year's quest.


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