Susan L. de Wardt: Market concerns


I am sincerely dismayed by the expressed concern over the farmers market by several Lincoln Avenue retailers. After living in Steamboat for nearly 15 years, I am more than familiar with the products offered at local establishments. I feel like I've bought some of everything on display.

I welcome the novelty of the farmers market. Before it opened, I rarely visited downtown; now I have a new reason for coming into town on the weekends - and while I am in town I often stop at my "old favorites" along Lincoln Avenue to see what's new. Last trip to the market I also visited a friend who works at the Homesteader - and spent $50 there. That's $50 I would have saved if I hadn't decided to come to town to buy a loaf of delicious fresh bread from one of the farmers market bakers.

America was founded on competition and a free market economy. Jan Lomas obviously has found a way to capitalize on the foot traffic generated by the farmers market. I think some of the retailers who complained might do well to follow her example and try to attract a share of the farmers market business for their own stores. Also, with the proliferation of cluster boxes around town, there are fewer opportunities to "meet and greet" at the Post Office. The farmers market provides an exceptional opportunity for residents to connect with friends and participate in the feeling of community that is the hallmark of Steamboat Springs. I'd hate to see the farmers market go away because a few retailers are afraid of a little competition.

Susan L. de Wardt

Steamboat Springs


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