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— Half an hour into the kickoff party for Barack Obama's Campaign for Change Steamboat Springs Office opening, about 100 people gathered for a potluck dinner and conversation about politics.

The Hilltop Parkway office played host Sunday evening to Obama supporters young and old, as acquaintances greeted each other with kindly jabs such as, "So, we have more in common than golf."

Dylan Roberts, a 19-year-old Steamboat Springs native who has taken the semester off from Boston College, will run the Steamboat office. Bob Pensack, who was the local precinct organizer for February's Democratic Caucus, said Roberts is part of a sizeable movement of young people for Obama.

"We had an organizing party for young adults who are supporting Obama about two weeks ago, and we had 40 people there who were all between the age of 17 and 21. I don't think that's ever happened in my lifetime," Pensack said. "Obviously, the guy has struck a note in young people that's never been struck before."

Nicole Mannon, a 15-year-old who helped at the sign-in table for Sunday's event, is part of that youth movement. Besides working as a volunteer for the Steamboat leg of the Obama campaign, Mannon said she's taken a political internship to get more involved. She said she's backing Obama for what he has to say to the working class, and because, she said, "we just need a change in the world."

About 30 Routt County volunteers and supporters will be at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Thursday for Obama's acceptance of the Democratic Party's nomination for president. Among those supporters are Pensack and Catherine Carson, chairwoman for the Routt County Democrats.

Tina Segler, a Routt County resident, was in Denver on Sunday to volunteer at The Big Tent, a staging area near the Pepsi Center for new media journalists, bloggers, reporters and nonprofit leaders. She said the city's convention buzz was just starting to collect, as protestors started their stand and law enforcement officers marked most street corners.

"I've always been involved in the Democratic Party, but just to be in the city where the convention is and participate in all the peripheral speeches and concerts and all the things that are going on, and then I'm volunteering just to get access to all the things going on - it's just history in the making," Segler said."This will be probably be the biggest political event in my lifetime where I'll be close enough to take advantage of it."


Jason Krueger 8 years, 7 months ago

ido4sp. Your rants become tiresome. Please get off the McCain "hero" bandwagon. Everyone is grateful for his service to our country in Vietnam but I fail to see what that experience has to offer a President other than profound empathy for our troops serving. Hopefully such empathy would cause him to think twice before entering into a future conflict- two traits our current administration definitely lacked. For many people, he lost credibility when he chose to throw Kerry "under the bus" in his support of the swift boat fiasco. It is ironic for someone to imply Obama is more interested in winning elections than in creating sound policy when such behavior is precisely what he has engaged in in the past.

As for your, "I don't know if it's true" portion, I read an e-mail claiming McCain once ate the head off a live chicken in protest of abortion rights. I think its bull pookie but it poses an interesting question to his sanity.

This newspaper and the rest of the media pay plenty of people to speculate and advance rumors without doing any actual research. Is it really necessary for you to contribute to this?

If you are satisfied with the current state of the economy and position the United States is in fiscally and politically in the world, by all means vote for McCain. If you are not satisfied then you should consider Obama. -It really is THAT SIMPLE.


Brent Boyer 8 years, 7 months ago

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