Marty Lamansky

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Marty Lamansky

Lamansky prepares for assistant role

Longtime SSHS teacher promoted to second in command after 28 years at school


— After 28 years of walking the halls of Steamboat Springs High School, Marty Lamansky finally has moved into the "fishbowl."

Slightly more desirable than it sounds, the fishbowl is the office of the school's assistant principal, named for the large windows on three sides that allow students to see the administrator's comings and goings.

Lamansky moved into the position after Kevin Taulman was promoted to principal of the school. The time between Taulman's promotion and Lamansky accepting the new job offer was about three weeks, he said.

"I didn't have time to contemplate. It just happened," Lamansky said. "It will be an interesting journey."

Lamansky already has had an interesting journey at the high school, where he has taught 14 different courses. Those include drama, speech, high-level social studies and a philosophy course last year. For 15 years, he directed plays, and for 27 years, he served as the speech coach, with his wife, Shauna, as the co-coach for 18 of those years.

But a move to administration does not mean he will lose contact with the students, Lamansky said.

"I'll still be in the classrooms looking in," he said. "I may not be grading papers and speeches, but I'll be talking to the students every day."

Shauna Lamansky said the role will suit her husband because it will allow him even more chances to interact with the students.

"It's a big transition, but now he has an opportunity to work with all the students, not just those in his classroom," she said. "He has a great respect for all different types of students, from the kids who excel and are very talented to the kids who are struggling and need motivation to stay in school."

Taulman was the assistant principal for three years before he became principal, and he said he would like to see the division of duties slightly change between the two positions. Traditionally, the principal has been the leader of curriculum while the assistant principal handled more discipline issues.

"I wanted someone that could help lead the staff," Taulman said. "I wanted someone who was well-respected and knowledgeable about the culture in the school, the community and the district : not someone who knew discipline inside and out."

Lamansky said that was just the type of role he hopes to take in the school.

"I think people have an image of what an assistant principal is," he said, listing discipline among them. "But there are all the other things that go into running a building."

He will be working with the curriculum committee while addressing maintenance issues and "being an advocate for teachers."

"I told a new teacher, 'Kevin and I are your employees, and we want to get you what you need to be successful in the classroom,'" he said.

Lamansky also will work with sub-populations of the school, such as the English Language Learners and Gifted and Talented students.

"I will be working on how we can move them to the next levels, in terms of academic achievement."


sunflowergirl9999 8 years, 8 months ago

I can't think of a more deserving, honest, ethical man for the job. Best of Luck Marty!! You are awesome!! Susie Ritter


Matthew Stoddard 8 years, 8 months ago

Way to go, Marty!! Does this mean he won't have to wear a suit and tie the first month of each new school year any longer? Just kidding, ML. I'd bet you haven't had to do that in a while! All the best to you in the position you deserve!


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