Ron Rollard: Clarifying Dr. Masih's religious presentation


My name is Ron Pollard and I was the point man and coordinator in soliciting Dr Mujahid el-Masih to give the presentations on Islam and the Quran, coupled with appropriate Holy Bible verses, for the Steamboat Christian Center and Holy Name Catholic Church. In reading the two letters (recently) published in the Pilot, I would offer the following thoughts and information.

First of all, Judy Gunthorpe questioned Dr. Masih's statements concerning the Arch Bishop of Canterbury's statements relative to suggesting implementing Islamic Sharia law for their large Muslim population. Secondly, he stated there were more mosques in London than Christian churches. My advice to all of the readers and interested people would be to Google "Arch Bishop of Canterbury and Sharia Law." I found 150,000 headline and blog articles on the subject, including from the BBC. Therefore decide the issue for yourselves. Additionally, Google "London Christian Churches and Islamic Mosques." There were 193,000 thoughts, articles and blogs, but no definitive numbers, although I would agree that at this time Christian churches must certainly outnumber Islamic mosques but the articles are quite revealing and interesting. Lastly, Google "Dr. or Pastor Mujahid el-Masih" and you will find out many things about him not the least of which is the Muslim clerics distaste for him. But, it's nigh impossible to find one who will debate him on Allah's directives in the Quran in front of an audience. There's a good reason for this. Also note his Web site,

I would offer the following information to Marie Matta's letter to clarify the situation that she expressed concern over. First of all, Dr.Masih, as planned, spoke at two services at the Steamboat Christian Center concerning his journey. He described his fascinating journey from a dedicated jihadist to Jesus Christ, to Bible school and then the planting of many churches and finally, with his family, escaping safely to America. As was planned, but poorly communicated to Father Ernest, the Holy Name Church presentation was to purely discuss the stark differences between Islam (submission to Allah) directives and the Holy Bible's directives based on "love."

Unfortunately, the Power Point projector failed and the significant time involved in trying to solve the problem, coupled with a very warm sanctuary, late hour and hunger, began to reduce the audience. Dr. Masih made the best of a bad situation but without the Power Point could not adequately cover the planned presentation. He fielded questions presented to him as best as time and the late hour would allow. One of many points he would have touched on is the five tenants of "Silent Jihad," which is directed to Muslims living in a country where they are a minority. We have seen many examples of "Violent Jihad" in countries where they are in the majority.

Pastor Masih's speaking schedule is extremely tight but I will attempt to bring him back to finish what he was unable to complete here. I would also like to find a more neutral location if possible rather than a church. You see, true basic knowledge of Islam and what is actually commanded in the Quran is not only of great interest to Christians but should be of great interest and concern to the entire free world.

I am certainly not an expert on the Quran but due to my associate status with The Voice of the Martyrs organization, I am probably more knowledgeable on the Quran than 85 or 90 percent of the American public. I believe it to be vital that we all become informed.

Ron Pollard

Steamboat Springs


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