Ken Brenner: Preserve resources


Western Colorado's greatest wealth is its land and water. If the current Bureau of Land Management proposal to turn oil shale into oil is adopted, the integrity of agriculture and wildlife habitat, of our public lands and water supply, will be threatened.

Oil shale requires an energy-intensive process to separate oil from rock. The potential costs - financial and environmental - are staggering while the benefits are unproven. To produce 1 million barrels of oil per day we will need 10 new coal-fired power plants the size of the plant in Craig, the largest in the state. This will significantly impact air quality in all of the downwind communities in Eagle, Garfield, Routt counties and beyond. Damages to the Class 1 airshed and waters of the White River and Zirkel Wilderness areas are risked.

Our most valuable resource, water, fares no better in escaping the impact of extraction. Commercial oil shale extraction consumes vast amounts of water and risks pollution to the rest. Irrigation, wildlife, recreation and future growth would be the casualties.

The BLM has been asked, as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, to consider leasing huge tracts of Western Colorado to energy companies for commercial operations. But there is no commercially viable process in existence today, and the proposals that are out there would have devastating effects to historic western land uses such as agriculture, wildlife and recreation.

The public comment deadline is Monday. Add your voice to this important decision concerning use of our public lands. Check for more information on oil shale and send the BLM your comments regarding this significant land use decision.

Ken Brenner, candidate for

state Senate District 8

Steamboat Springs


SilverSpoon 9 years ago

Ken, You have my vote.
I hope the local government can take away shell's "water rights". The heavy metals, and brine found in oil shale should stay in the ground, and we should not burn a lump of coal to "freeze" the perimeter of an extraction site, and should not use our valuable electricity to heat the shale to 750F.

Maybe they could mandate that shell use solar panels for the electricity required for oil shale production. When the oil is extracted they could divert the green power to the grid for us to heat our driveways and run the AC on the 90 degree days we get in steamboat.


steamboatsprings 9 years ago

It's hard to believe this is Ken. I wish that you made this much sense when you served on the Steamboat city council. Well said for once.


Kevin Nerney 9 years ago

It doesn't matter what your stance is on any issue Ken because I'm going to do my best to campaign against you. After what happened regarding The Pirate's Pub there is no way I would want you to represent anyone in this state.


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