Henri E. Stetter: Modify behavior


— A lot has been said and written about the environment and the economy recently. Yet, so few impactful, concrete and sensible actions are put into motion.

Americans in general recognize at one level that their materialistic bent coupled with the greed exhibited by the industrial/political leadership is unhealthy at the very least. Yet, they are unwilling to modify their own behavior in an effort to steer things toward a better direction.

Would it be wise to let gas hit the $10 or more a gallon mark as an impetus to change the nation's habits? Today's technology is at a point where we could easily replace the gas-guzzling monsters of the roads with alternatives that would not only conserve finite and diminishing resources, but would be healthier for the environment and could redirect the unhealthy lifestyle of most of the population.

It has been enlightening to observe governmental reactions to the current economic crisis. They produce soothing rhetoric, throw in a few token dollars at the issues, make promises and commitments and do absolutely nothing of substance to address the real root causes.

Most people are so taken by their daily life and making ends meet that they are either clueless or unwilling to buck the trends established by the corporate aristocracy. Big government and big business control so much of everyone's life that the average citizen probably feels that he or she would be persecuted if he or she were to push for serious change or to protest the actions of the government.

Henri E. Stetter

Steamboat Springs


weallnutz 9 years ago

yeah, kinda sounds like a political speach, lots of rhetoric, no answers


bigdog 9 years ago

what a bunch of inane mumbo-jumbo...... it must have made Henri feel good to rant about nothing.


angus 9 years ago

It is refreshing to read about something other than the status quo - a position doesn't endorse the continued environmental degridation by corporate America, all in the name of profit. It is ashame that the public isn't sufficiently informed or willing to make intelligent choices about issues such as alternative transit, shopping at local cooperatives, etc. Perhaps in due time, when things are unaffordable, will the consumer become more aware of the consequenses and implications of their decisions.


ventrygirl 9 years ago

hmmmmmmm....Henri, don't you own and drive both a giant pick-up truck and an SUV? And don't you spend your free time jetting around the universe? What do you have to say about your carbon footprint?


foodchain 8 years, 10 months ago

Votre appel telephonique à votre pÃre à demander l'argent n'est pas bien aujourd'hui alle? ahhhhh oui, Happy Father's Day.


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