Steamboat under snow advisory

Five to 10 inches expected by late this afternoon; snow to persis throughout week


— What spring?

Steamboat Springs is under a snow advisory until 6 p.m. this afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

Snow is expected to continue throughout the day - heavy at times - with total accumulations of 5 to 10 inches. The National Weather Service predicts higher totals in the higher elevations surrounding Steamboat Springs.

Snow will remain in the forecast through the workweek. Snow is likely Wednesday through Thursday night. High temperatures during the week will stay in the low 40s, with overnight lows dipping into the mid-20s.

Sunny skies could prevail late in the week and over the weekend. However, high temperatures are expected to hover in the mid- to upper 40s.

The Steamboat Ski Area closed for the season Sunday after recording 489 inches at mid-mountain from October through April 6.


justalocal 9 years ago

<p> gave up its winter forums? Too much heat? How arrogant or short-sighted can Intrawest be to close short of 500" with weather predictions weeks ago for more snow? I am not for the "unbridled" development. Yet the chance to have a 500" season for bragging rights, marketing potential or just to treat the locals to the days missed early season?? Thanks Intrawest.


bubba 9 years ago

Justalocal, I don't think the base area redevelopment has anything to do with them closing early, how much work are they going to get done with that much snow there?

I also don't think that you can fully blame intrawest- the same guys who ran SSRC under ASC are running SSRC under intrawest, and most of intrawest's resorts are open later than Steamboat. Steamboat has almost always (at least for the past several years) closed a week earlier than the other Colorado ski areas, this year is no different. Whatever excuses they want to make, this is more of the same from the same management, and I doubt the decision has anything to do with Intrawest or Redevelopment.


scooter 9 years ago

Intrawest... What a company.

You could have spread good will & great press at a 500+ year, instead everyone seems to hate you.

Not a great way to start.

Stock IPO high of day 1= $37.00 Stock as of today = $13.79

Keep up the great work! Who's next in line to own Steamboat....Vail?


WZ 9 years ago

Who's next in line to own Steamboat.... Maybe the Feds??? ;)

Intrawest is owned by Fortress Investment Group. Fortress is funded by banks like Bear Stearns. Fortress most certainly is feeling the pinch of the credit crises as per their stock price.

Intrawest/Fortress have their hands in the mountain, ski time square and major developments downtown. Say your prayers when Ski Time Square gets bulldozed, because it doesn't look good that it will be completely rebuilt in a timely manner.

Winter 08'/'09 will be the last good Winter tourist season for Steamboat. No tourist in their right mind would want to return back to Steamboat with no necessities at the mountain, 500" record or no.


spukomy 9 years ago

WZ, You may be right about the tourism in upcomming winter seasons. Next winter should be fine, especially since we had huge snow this season. Beyond that, I doubt we will see the same #s until a couple years after the redevelopment is completed.

Half of the mtns restraunt/bars will be gone as compared with only a couple winters ago. People who have been comming here for years may excercise other options, and may not return.

Thousands of lunches and dinners were served every day of season in Ski Time Sq.. It's gonna put a real strain on the rest of the restraunts to add all those people. And after patrons are put on a huge waiting list for every meal, it's bound to get discouraging.

It's like Yogi Berra said, "That place is so busy, noone goes there anymore."


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