Steve Rummler: Review Afghan war


— Lately, I've been hearing that Iranian bombs have been found in Iraq. We know this because numbers on fragments indicate an Iranian origin. There probably are other indications as well. But before we believe that Iran is supplying them, we might want to review the Afghan war.

Not the one that we sent troops into earlier this decade. No, the one the Russians sent troops into back in the '80s. At that time, the CIA had a clandestine operation to supply the Mujadahin with Russian-made weapons. And for years it did just that. The rule was "never provide a weapon that could be traced back to the U.S." When the Russians captured Mujadahin weapons they weren't able to link them to us.

This should alert us to the possibility that weapons can be supplied by anyone. So, we might want to be cautious with claims about a found weapon's source. The reports could be accurate or they could be deliberately misleading. If the latter is the case, someone is playing us for fools. And we should ask who, how and, most importantly, why? "Trust me" or "trust us" is not a useful answer. Remember, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice :"

Steve Rummler

Steamboat Springs


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