Looking back for April 11, 1968


Pool memberships going along swimmingly

— The drive for swimming pool memberships is past the halfway mark and going strong. It's now up to you, the people of the community, to put it over the top so that work can be started on the proposed changes as soon as possible.

As of April 1, 109 memberships in the Steamboat Health and Recreation Association have been pledged. Before any work can begin, a total of 200 must be sold.

For individuals or families wanting the bargain price of $50, the deadline is April 18. After that date, those same memberships will be sold for twice that amount, or $100. With only 13 days left to have your pool membership for half-price, you'll have to make a fast move, partner!

TAKE THE DIVE NOW - you'll be a "gainer." The "twist" is that you will have all of your family tickets for less - and you'll have a vote on the swimming pool board - and most important, you'll be helping your community to have the best danged swimming pool east of the Los Angeles city limits.

Chuck Kupilik is just one of the fine people ready and willing to take your membership money. Next time you make your deposit at the bank, deposit your $50 with him and you're guaranteed to draw the best interest there is.

Thundermug race takes place Saturday

Now here is a chance for all the non-racers in this area! The dudes of the downhill and the city slickers of the slalom hills! Here is your chance to fame and non-fortune. And with the mini-amount of training, you too can be the wonder of Werner!

The 4th annual Thundermug Race will be held at Mt. Werner on Saturday, starting at 1 p.m. Rules are strict and specific: no one under 21 years of age is allowed, and if you have a race card, forget the whole thing. Unclassified racers only!

Entries close at 11 a.m. on the day of the race, and even you can afford the fee, which happens to be as much as you have left after taxes (nothing).

Big man of the race this year is Rusty Chandler, selected because he just happened to be the captain of the winning team in 1967. His fine group of four from last year were himself, Marvelous Marv Crawford, Bob Crosthwaite and a lady. It just so happens that tradition dictates that last year's winning captain take over.

Although Jean Claude Killy will not be with us this year, there are plenty of expert sitzmarkers expected. Already 25 teams are entered, and each team must have four non-skiers, with the best three to count.

Because of the difficult nature of the course and the sophisticated audience expected, every entry must be dressed for the occasion. Just remember, there will be "bathtubs" (appropriate dress, as we said) and uphill gates and upside-down flags and washtub straight-aways. And if you are not in costume - FORGET IT!

A very dignified Award Ceremony and Costume Ball will be held that evening at the Hostel. Prizes for the best-dressed man and woman on the ski course are fabulous, and this year there will be a traveling trophy (wonder if it has two or four legs?) for the best costumed team.

The difficult terrain of the Poma Lift Hill will be this year's setting for the "race to end all races."


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