Margaret Hair: Springalicious makes the 'Boat go crazy


Margaret Hair

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— I am blaming Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. for the fact that, in the past two weeks, I have listened to "Fergalicious" at least 25 times.

Of course, it's not likely that Ski Corp.'s parent company marketed its new end-of-season festival with the intent of propelling the Black Eyed Peas' most drug-addled member further into the collective unconscious.

New fees for Cardboard Classic aside, no organization is that devious.

It does seem, though, that "Springalicious," as a name for the closing weekend festivities that include live music by Susan Tedeschi, The Radiators and American Relay, is a little ridiculous.

Or, it seems that way until you realize an event like the Classic - which stars Steamboat's finest young craftsmen sliding down the hill on ripped-up and restructured beer boxes - eclipses any break with reality a name for the weekend could ever produce.

Still, subconsciously ripping off an ubiquitous pop song feels like a cop-out on what closing weekend should be named, if it needs a name at all. And it feels underhandedly commercial as regulations are put where they didn't exist before, as costs and limits are placed on something that hadn't required them in the past.

So aside from the possibility of every musical act spelling at least three key words in every song they perform - obviously, the only way to live up to what the "Springalicious" moniker implies to anyone who listens to the radio - here are a few other, but not better, names for the last weekend of skiing:

- "Gettin' Springy Wit It": As long as we're on the over-played top 40 list, might as well reach back a couple of years to when Will Smith wasn't breaking rules but hadn't quite started playing fictional golf caddies.

- "Rite of Spring": In a completely different direction, drawing on an early 20th century Russian ballet about a girl dancing herself to death. Happy warm weather!

- "April in Paradise": Jazz standard? Utopian marketing technique? Who's to know.

- "Spring-xtreme": What's more extreme than making a cardboard sled? EXTREME!

- "Steamboat Spring": Hey, it already has "spring" in the title.

More than anything else, just enjoy the last weekend of a record-breaking season.


bloggyblog 9 years ago

blog may never forgive you margaret for putting 'getting jiggy wit it' in my head. thats just cruel(especially on a friday)!


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