Intrawest unveils new season pass prices

Unlimited skiing at Steamboat will cost $30 more next season


— A season pass to the Steamboat Ski Area will cost $979 for the 2008-09 winter, an increase of $30 from this year's price. Pass holders also will have to pay $75 if they want to add unlimited skiing to Winter Park and Copper. The add-on cost was $50 for the 2007-08 season.

Intrawest announced Thursday afternoon the pricing for a variety of ski passes to its ski resorts in Steamboat, Winter Park and Copper Mountain. Not all passes saw an increase in prices. Intrawest lowered the cost of the Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus from $479 this season to $439 next season. The Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus provides unlimited skiing at Winter Park and Copper as well as six unrestricted days at Steamboat.

A season pass to Copper will cost $349 - the same as this season, and a season pass to Winter Park will cost $359 - an increase of $10 over this season's price.

"Each year, more and more of our resort guests tell us that in addition to the best pass prices and access to the best terrain, they are looking to share genuine Colorado ski experiences with family and friends," Intrawest executive Andy Wirth said in a statement. Wirth is executive vice president of sales and marketing and chief marketing officer for Intrawest.

"Our flexible pass options, especially the Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus where the price has dropped $40 from last season alone, provide an economical way for skiers, snowboarders and families to visit Winter Park, Copper and Steamboat to experience some of the best terrain that Colorado has to offer."

Intrawest is again offering Steamboat Super Value Passes. A 20-day pass is $799, a 15-day pass is $679, and a 10-day pass is $519.

Also similar to this season, skiers and riders who purchase a full Steamboat ski pass will receive one free season pass for a child 12 or younger.

Steamboat season passes must be purchased or renewed by logging on to or calling (877) 237-2628.

For more information about the variety of available passes, pick up a copy of Friday's Steamboat Today, or log on to Friday morning.


bartender 8 years, 6 months ago

Commerce is commerce. If they can eek it out then they will. Just be thankful Pat Carney from the Health and Rec isn't doing the adjusting. The way she increased rates for (former) members {there are a lot of us as of April} the new price of a season pass would be $1740 in just one season. That's health and rec inflationary math for you.


dave reynolds 8 years, 6 months ago

seabirth..thrid person feel youre not getting your bang for your buck then don't buy a is after all your i do not work for intrawest but am tired of all the whining..whine about housing or gas prices.oh wait thats intrawests fault too


dave reynolds 8 years, 6 months ago

knowitall or know nothing..we should be happy that a company like intrawest has bought the mountian..first did you know ASC went bankrupt..yep I want them bout you...lets see we have a new gondie cable..needed replaced years ago but ASC didn't have the bucks..3 new lifts..major renovations to the slpoes as well as amendities..ya you're right intrawest doesn't care..question do you work for free..hey come a remodel my house I'll give you a pat on the back say thanks..there seems to be AN INTITLEMENT CLAUSE THAT COMES WITH LIVING IN STEAMBOAT these days..the season passe 10 day passes are good deals..if you don't think so buy a lift ticket everyday..stop ripping on intrawest you can do better then go apply for a job as CEO


Dan Hill 8 years, 6 months ago

It would have been a sign of good faith for cutting this season short by 16 days (9 days at the start, 7 days at the end) to have at least left the price the same.


dave reynolds 8 years, 6 months ago

if we had no snow or very little would you ask the same is what it is no snow early.intrawest leases the mountain for x mount of days..NO ITS NOT AN URBAN a fact..maybe they cut it short due to the improvement they plan in making to benefit all of us I'd be willing to bet you got your days in


Bill Dalzell 8 years, 6 months ago

paddlefisher you are absolutely 100% INCORRECT. It was published in this paper a year or two ago and was quoted by a Forest Service Rep. It has also been confirmed by myself with representatives from the ski area. CHECK YOUR FACTS.



dave reynolds 8 years, 6 months ago

yep..I bank on two or three year old news to whats happening now..I know the upper lifts are closinG..back your facts by posting them..oh i know i cannt cause they might lose thier job..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


seabirth 8 years, 6 months ago

me thinks paddlefisher works for ski corp or intrawest... to get so worked up to blather such nonsense.

if the season pass prices for all intrawest properties went up, this would be easier to swallow for me. they know that we are a captive audience and will buy a pass.

wow, they did maintanance on a lift and are working to put in some more lifts. they must be the only mountain doing this. steamboat's pass price was already higher than average... and other mountains that put in lifts do not always raise the price of passes. in fact, the people who only come to steamboat 6 times a year get a discount, but the people who make steamboat a great place (locals) get a major price increase.

it's not entitlement... it's the feeling that steamboat would rather not have me on the mountain getting in the way of our guests. sorry i don't jump for joy while being bent over.... you may like it, but it's not really my thing.


grundy 8 years, 6 months ago

Wow! I gotta say, this is the kind of stuff that hits me close to home. I'm emotional about it. Intrawest and the other developers are ruining this town. We don't need new lifts, we don't need new shops & we sure as hell don't need more tourons! I'm here to ride, not to sip hot cocoa at lodge, not to shop, not to deal with all the BS intrawest is bringing to the boat. Steamboat did just fine for decades w/o all this new development. Now we're held hostage by a bunch of greedy corporate scumbags that have city council & the chamber of commmerce wrapped around their fingers, presumably because they'll profit from the exploitation of the Yampa Valley, too. Now we're developing to sustain and support the development.

City council policy: Facilitate economic opportunities while protecting the natural environment, culture, community character and heritage.

Seriously- are you f'n kidding me! Does anyone w/o an ulterior motive actually believe they're trying to do this? Oh right, you mean the culture of political corruption. Otherwise, you'd sure think it falls on their shoulders to prevent corporations from exploiting this town for everything it's worth.

I heard they had cops up at the broadway bench today telling people to "move along" and that they're searching backpacks at the gondie. It makes me sad as hell, but I doubt I'll want to live here in 5 years. Not when I have to take a shuttle to ski on my lunch break (no more knoll parking); not when I'm continually subsidizing discounts to bring in more tourists; not when it takes me 15 minutes to drive through downtown; not when I have to deal with the gestapo on the mt; not when there're crowds everywhere all the time! I'm pretty sure I can find another ski town I love but it'll suck to leave all my friends behind...

It's driven by greed, not need.


bcpow 8 years, 6 months ago

What to say about all this babble? All I know is that the mountain will be free (of both people and cost) in just a couple of days. Good sledding for the kiddies and turns will be had for weeks to come. I suggest the post work happy hour session with the dog or a crew. If you don't like the cost of the pass than give Howelson your business or move to i-70 where there is some competition.


armchairqb 8 years, 6 months ago

Once again Steamboat is shooting themselves in the foot. $30.00 more?????? And no nightlife up at Ski Time Square. You can give ME all the free bus rides downtown. The tourists were already ticked off THIS year. Just wait till NOBODY comes back next year. Then WHERE will all the tax $$$$$ be????? We won't be #4 in Ski Magazine, we won't be #9 Heck we won't even make the top 20!!!! You just wait & see.


ColoradoNative 8 years, 6 months ago

Maybe the City of Steamboat springs should subsidize ski passes to go along with their affordable housing projects.


seabirth 8 years, 6 months ago

you're right, i could just not buy a pass... but i enjoy skiing so i will end up buying a pass, just like most other locals, because i live here. i'm glad you think intrawest cannot do wrong, but i honestly feel like steamboat ski area could give a rat's ass about local residents. that's their right of course... but when i see other season pass prices decrease and ours increase, i'm gonna ask why.

of course, since the ski area is shutting down because locals (with their passes) do not make the area money... why is it that they need to increase the price for people who don't make them any money.... or is that just a lie.


mtroach 8 years, 6 months ago

Yes. It's lame that Steamboat's pass is double that of every other pass in colorado. But, the fisherman's right, the choice is yours, I vote to not buy a pass!! One of the best winters I had in steamboat is the winter when i couldn't afford a pass, and instead I skiied off the mountain. No tourists, no parking problems, no noise, only free skiing in a pristene winterscape. I think Interwest could use a wake up call, and the only way to show dissatisfaction with the price of a product someone is selling is to not buy it. Suck it up and boycott Interwest if you don't agree with their pricing.


2007 8 years, 6 months ago

Where are the student passes for college students? If the only option to students is the 979 pass, not many will be sold.


inmyopinion 8 years, 6 months ago

Sweet. More front rangers next year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the drunk little punk cmc kids who, because of their antics on Wednesday, have successfully managed to get the lifts closed early on Sunday. A warm heart felt thanks to all you kids wearing neon and retro sunglasses, bro.


vanguy 8 years, 6 months ago

Unrestricted Season Passes that are Comparably Priced to Steamboat:

Aspen / Snowmass Telluride Jackson Hole Crested Butte Park City Deer Valley Alta / Snowbird Combo Pass Big Sky

Unrestricted Season Passes that cost LESS than Steamboat next year:

Vail Beaver Creek Keystone Breckenridge Copper Winter Park A Basin Eldora Loveland The Canyons (only slightly cheaper than Steamboat...)

Notice the I-70 trend? The only way the I-70 resorts can ju$tify the discount is through the sheer volume of pass sales. Interestingly, the Utah resorts don't play the discount game.

Tip: Buy a 10 / 15/ 20 Day Value Pass to use on the epic powder days. Hit up Howelsen Hill on weekdays from Noon - 2 PM for only $5 (the Nooner ticket). Spend a little more time up on Rabbit Ears on XC or tele gear, build a kicker and pack a picnic for free. Strap on some snowshoes and explore Fish Creek Canyon.

You don't need 40+ days on Mt. Werner to be happy in Steamboat.

If you MUST have a season pass, there are also plenty of ways to work for a free pass at the resort, and plenty of employers who offer merchant pass benefits. If you don't want to pay the price, there are other solutions...but you have to earn them just like everything else in life.

No more whining!


another_local 8 years, 6 months ago

Interest in merchant passes where I work is declining too. Over the years the number of merchant passes has declined. It is down by 50% from where it was just 5-6 years ago and down by 60-70% from where it was 8-10 years ago even though there are just as many employees working.

In that time the merchant pass has gone from about $800 to $1000. The increase is not faster than inflation but it seems to have crossed some line where demand significantly falls. I wonder if ski corp has seen a similar decline in sales especially when you consider that the population of the valley has increased quite a bit in that time.


twostroketerror 8 years, 6 months ago

But when you consider that $30 contributes .00000001875% to Intrawests $1,600,000,000 yearly revenue, 'tis merely a pittance.


jack legrice 8 years, 6 months ago

inmyopion, I am out of country, can you fill me in on what happened Wed? We used to hang on the mtn. up top after the lifts closed{reg. time } and have a great last day . Hope you all have a great last day. Going to miss it. make some Figure 11's for me!!!!!


BoatMaster 8 years, 6 months ago

Cheers to Intrawest for making such a huge investment in the Steamboat resort when so many others did not.

I'm looking forward to even more updates and improvements in the next year to the mountain area, it certainly needed it.


corduroy 8 years, 6 months ago

So does anyone know exactly what went down to warrant them SEARCHING people getting on the Gondola this weekend?

Apparently a few bad apples ruined it for everyone somehow.. did someone die? Was someone assaulted? I see no news of this yet they have the Gestapo lined up to search everyone this weekend. I'd really like to know why I'm going to hassled when I myself have done nothing wrong..


dave reynolds 8 years, 6 months ago

seems to me that no matter what intrawest does you will complain..what about ASC selling the land at the meadows lot..put a serious hurt on the hot air ballon festible also the developement of the gondie parking lot cann't wait for that to be done bet it will be just perferct and lets not forget the many of ou are going the the free concert this weekend..i bet the entertainers are playing for is what it is...there are alot more concerns in this town besides the price of ski passes..lets see truely affordable housing labor shortages illegal imagration(nation wide) gas prices(nation wide) traffic over developement and the list goes on..why dont you complain about the grocery prices I dont think intrawest can do no wrong but according to you poeple they can do no right they dont owe us anything just like other businesses in town how bout your trash bill it seems to go up every quater


dave reynolds 8 years, 6 months ago

to the whinners.intrawest PAYS you to ski..clock in at the ticket office clock out when your get five bucks an hour..if you hang at the stoker or the beach then thats down time..this way you wont feel like you got shorted on ski days..and youre gettin paid for rippin it up..there you have it no more whining


caddisgirl 8 years, 6 months ago

It's not about skiing, it's all about real estate. Welcome to corporate Ski Town USA!


betamikeiski 8 years, 6 months ago

20 season passes and this is the last one for me and my family. Closing on the 6th as opposed to the 13th is just plain wrong. Really?, I can hike the mountain now? Wow, thanks a ton. However, since I have a JOB, I kinda need to have the lifts running so I can enjoy the mountain. Now, as if the early closure wasn't bad enough, an hour earlier closing on Sunday so I can't ski at all. Really, it's no more than a great big F-YOU from Intrawest to the local community. They could have scaled the lift operation back(Gondi, Storm and Elkhead) and nobody would be griping at all. It is a stone-cold fact that the forest service has NOTHING to do with the early closure. And as for that lame bit of nonsense that perhaps they want to start the construction sooner? Please, there still is that massive amount of snow to deal with. Hiked up to the microwave yesterday and the stick is reading 121" of snow. LAME. Next year it'll be the Colorado Super pass for me and I'll make most of my turns at WinterPark or Copper where they treat the local population with at least a gram of respect.


betamikeiski 8 years, 6 months ago

tuff????guy??? I'm not whining. Just stating my thoughts and feelings. Can't help but to feel wronged and disrespected by the ownership of our mountain.....and I promise you there are a great deal of people who feel the same. Course it's nice when somebody who has probably lived here for a total of 3-5 months tells you (anonymously of course) to "go away". What exactly does that mean ???tuff????guy???


lessworkmoreskiing 8 years, 6 months ago

INTRAWORST SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They could care less even if it snowed 1000 inches this year. I am amazed they didn't do something to make up for the late opening this year paired with Intraworst taking over... something to ease locals' minds. Big hotels coming thru a view near you soon...


Mountainfun31 8 years, 6 months ago

Whoever thinks the cmc punks are the ones that screw everyone over your completely wrong, I mean we're a rowdy bunch but I will have to say that 85 % of the problems come from tourists, considering we have about 500 kids and yea i dont wear neon glasses bra !!!! Maui jim Glasses son


gravity 8 years, 6 months ago

oneski you want to know what happened on gapper day. you want to know why the gestapo searchs. Well it's not that fun is no longer allowed on mt werner. As gapper day grew in the past few years, it went from a congenial convivial congregation at Broadway to something a little meaner and not so friendly. Last year's on mountain local type parties caused more then a few complaints of rude behavior- snowballs at families and kids, sharking, yelling and bad language, but also cause a few serious alcohol related accidents and injuries. This year was more of the same, except broadway bench was shut down to give the green skiing public a greater distance from the scene. The packs where searched to try and cut down alcohol related injuries. Then there was the stories I heard of those punks, who sharked kids and adults down most of the runs in wallyworld, and the lovely folks who after sharking kids, stopped and yelled some really nice bleepable expressions, and while flailing around also hit some the guests with their ski poles. I heard two stories like this while riding Sunshine, and saw some it as well. Great. Where's the love?


bcpow 8 years, 6 months ago

Jackson Hole is closing sunday as well.
599 inches of snow has fallen and they report a 134 inch base. A 2007-2008 pass was $1625. You think you're bummed...


jack legrice 8 years, 6 months ago

Thanks gravity for the update. It is sad that it has come to this. Guess the young generation can't handle the "schrooms".I know the old time locals will still have a good time.Wish I could be there . Will be checking out the "dive"in Baniff.


STEMBOATwannabe 8 years, 6 months ago

Why doesn't everyone buy one of the Rocky Mountain passes that are offed at Winter Park and then add the Steamboat upgrade??? That sounds like the ticket to buy.....

There is one that you get every Friday afternoon included at Steamboat. That doesn't sound so bad....

Of course no one wants to pay more for a ticket. But at least the lines are not as crowded as the I-70 locations.

It's been a great winter of skiing THANKS to the snow gods!


prayforsnow 8 years, 6 months ago

I know to some people, $30 seems like nothing. A lot of people in this town think a season pass is not very much money at all either. The fact is, every year more and more people get driven out of town by the crowds of people coming in with more money. The ones leaving came here because they loved it here, but left because prices drove them away. That doesn't mean they love Steamboat any less, or don't appreciate the mountian.

Yeah, I'll shell out the $30. A lot of my friends will too. But the fact is we aren't the ones who came here with lots of money in our pockets, or with the idea of making lots of money. We came here to have fun. Sadly, in the years to come, most of my friends will be gone because rent and everything went up so much they barely had enough to eat or drink.

And no, I won't complain about paying the extra money, because I love this place, and I didn't come here to try to make money off of real estate or tourists. I came here to LIVE. I love it here, and everybody else commenting here does too, but that doesn't mean that every increase in price is easy to take.


grant bayless 8 years, 6 months ago

Part 1 With all respects to As-Boat (which was great), that meteor is closer than you think..Aspen Daily News The unscrewing of Aspen Corby Anderson - Guest Commentary Wed 08/08/2007 The Roaring Fork (Steamboat) Valley is doomed. The decades-long downhill slide has finally come to a sad, grievous end, bottoming out in the form of a Hellish Resort. The Good Ship Lollypop has crashed and shrewd scavengers have stripped it and reconstituted it into a series of glass fortresses, now manned on all sides by overeager Marketers, militant Realtors and plump Developers. The Aspen(Steamboat) Idea, that Paepckian(Crawford) Triad now pimped by Reebok(Intrawest), is a long-gone fantasy for most former Mind, Body, and Spiriters, replaced by the New Ethos, the Saslovian(M Avery) threesome of Ego, Vanity, Gall. All that remains for the working class is a shallow existence consisting of all manner of noodles, domestic beer, stress, plastic, paranoia, fumes, overpopulation, stepped-on drugs, blown radiators, natural gas wells, bills,belittlement, and the occasional high-end trinket, like dinner at Johnny McGuire's(insert your fav) or a night out in Silt (Craig). Now that the real estate boom has us strangled in its scaly coils, a once vibrant valley of ski bums, intellectuals, outdoorsmen (and, most importantly, outdoorswomen), drifters, artists, and entrepreneurs has become virtually unlivable, except in the rare case of those old-timers who got in before the wagons circled. Even then, why would any of us want to live in any place bootlicking for a group of wealthy part-timers that considers its co-inhabitants to be stoned out, uncaring, inconsequential robots and zombies? What time or energy is left, postservitude, to enjoy life to its fullest? To suck the marrow, dance on the edge as was commonplace for the average Roaring Forker(YampaValleyer)? What time to play in or with the hills, the streams, and the sunset, the wildlife (including the wild and scarcely seen outdoorswoman), our neighbors, pets, arts, hobbies and vices? What is the point of running around trying to catch our own tails each and every day? What is killing this valley is no secret. It is the most quantum unsaid horror foisted upon the West since we stole the land from the natives. Overvaluation. Overhyping. Overbuilding. Overstuffing. Greed. Arrogance. Pride. Audacity. Excess. Gluttony. When the movie is made, some witty producer will dream up the title -- "Manifest Destiny 2: The Build Out." The cat got out of the bag about the allure of the Roaring Fork (Yampa) Valley some years back, and now the human and material flood is total. Billionaires are kicking millionaires out of Carbondale(Strawberry Park). Orgies of dump trucks are occurring at all times of the day, on every road, in every town.


grant bayless 8 years, 6 months ago

Part 2

Aspen Daily News The unscrewing of Aspen Corby Anderson - Guest Commentary Wed 08/08/2007 11:01AM

Local Realtor Robert Richey (CamBoyd) (egad!) was quoted in the paper as saying "The $5 ($1M) million home in Aspen(Steamboat) is quickly becoming a thing of the past." This is acceptable, apparently. Pardon me for asking, but just what is the commission on a $6 ($1M)million pad? Who's in charge here? As an endangered local -- hanging on, contributing, trying to play the game, losing, and wondering what for -- I can see only three decent albeit desperate options for the citizens of the Roaring Fork (Yampa) Valley: Option 1: Leave. Stop yer bitching and take off. Vamoose. Hit the dusty trail, Slim. Find a new place that doesn't suck. Shake it off. Regroup. Order a plate of normalcy. Pick up and beat feet for the nearest hacienda that has sun, snow, mountains, deserts, clean water, breathable air, space, sanity. There are places like that, with nice, normal folks, a living wage, and a sustainable economy, I am sure. A place to really lay it out there and kick back, again. This was once such a place, and surely there must be others, one reasons.

Option 2: Riot. Take the battle to the hills, to the riverside retreats, to the alleys and streets of Aspen, Snowmass (WestPat Pillage), Old Snowmass, Basalt, Emma, Carbondale, El Jebel, Missouri Heights, Redstone, Marble, Glenwood Springs, (Stagecoach, Hayden, etc...) and so on. Scare the bejesus out of the elitists who have, until this Last Resort, this heinous intervention, thrown a shutout at the once-proud, hearty Forkers. Comrades will steal the SUVS and sports cars and drive them into a large pile in Wagner Park, igniting the whole mess with biodiesel made from the McDonald's grease pits. Young snowboarders will storm the high-end retail stores and throw the clowns tending shop out into the streets naked, with only codpieces made from the leather, fur, jewels, and dirt that they hawk. You know the game: essential, cleansing revolution. Not entirely tolerable for extended periods of time. Taking on the Man directly is never clean. Troops will descend, and not even the fine Sheriff (if this one is sober) will be able to hold them off. Many fine skiers would be lost to jail, death and forced marches to Grand Junction National Penitentiary Work Camp.


grant bayless 8 years, 6 months ago

Part 3:

Option 3: A soft revolution. The thinking man's war. A war of attrition. An insurgency of wit. A YeeeeeeHaaaaaaad! Get inside and turn 'em. Humiliate the bastards off, back to Texas, Denver, New York, California, and Chicago, Rome, Geneva, Riyadh. A Campaign of Rudeness. The Unscrewing of Aspen (Steamboat). This will require total sacrifice, concentration, and skill to achieve the goal, which is to remove the Resort title from the place without the irreversible damage associated with Outright Violence and Hellfire. To return this valley to the common man. Each and every landscaper, digger, TV reporter, cab driver, baseball coach, convenience store clerk, politician and waiter will be required to do his or her part: to piss off the World Class Trash that you come in contact with so much that they have no option but to leave and slime up some other place, like Vail or Martha's Vineyard. We should collectively craft out the absolutely worst reputation possible as snobs,rebels, druggies, insolent boobs, ungrateful hyenas, dangerous criminals, crass and arrogant class of worker citizens that has ever disgraced this green earth (And we're really practiced). Like the French, (I love that shot) only a hundred times worse. To survive, we will need to avoid things that we take for granted, such as personal hygiene, common sense, decency, dignity, and the occasional sharp retort. There will be friendly fire, so be prepared to take one for the team. We will all be living on edge until this is over, which could be years. Have patience comrades, the Rude Attacks will eat through gold and diamond. The acid wash will be complete. No one will want to live here, let alone the CEO (Guest or Second Home) class. When the Rude War is over, and we are the victors, a signal will be given, most likely involving a gigantic Epic flag (as at Highlands on those days), woven with fine silks and other linens claimed as spoils of war, and as a community, we will take down the Peak House(OneSteamboatPlace) board by board and build a village of ski chalets and cabins. One of the first acts as a community will be the mass skinny-dipping at the Hala Ranch(Community HotSprings before it went commercial), where we will swim in the indoor AND outdoor community pools. The land will be worth nothing, nobody who's anybody will want to live here. Ullr willing. Sanity will rule. The $5 ($1M) million house will soon become a thing of the past. Corby Anderson is an endangered local (in the RoaringFork Valley) and proud of it.


grant bayless 8 years, 6 months ago

Pat O'Donnell worries about the ski industry's soul Friday, April 4, 2008 Edited for 3k space

Former Aspen Skiing Co. CEO Pat O'Donnell is concerned about the future of the ski industry.

"I'm worried about the soul and passion to keep this going," he said during a speech at the Hotel Jerome on Thursday night.

O'Donnell was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the International Skiing History Association, which held its annual gathering in Aspen this week. In an impassioned and at times rambling acceptance speech at the group's gala dinner on Thursday night, O'Donnell spoke at length about his long and storied career. O'Donnell recalled being a young adult working in Yosemite, Calif., sitting around a campfire with Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins. Chouinard, who would go on to found Patagonia and be considered one of the industry's first corporate green leaders, was then selling pitons out of his truck, recalled O'Donnell. And Tompkins, who founded The North Face and Esprit companies, eventually bought millions of acres in Chile and Argentina to preserve. He made a point several times that you often don't know that you're surrounded by visionaries, or a part of history in the making.

"All this stuff is going on but you don't know what's going on until you look back," O'Donnell said. "God bless the pioneers that got us here," he said at a group breakfast at the Sundeck Thursday morning. "It provided employment and this way of life. It's not only a great lifestyle, but a great way to earn a living, and I'm just proud to be a very, very tiny part of it."

Later that night, O'Donnell expressed his desire to go back to the old days of the outdoor industry, when as he put it, people were passionate about the products they were creating and were identified with them - like Vail being indelibly linked with its founder, Pete Seibert.

"Now you look at these public companies and wonder who is going to come next," he said. "Let's look at it ski area by ski area - who will be standing at this podium years from now? The noose is tightening now."

O'Donnell said that he wasn't worried about the Aspen Skiing Co., mainly because its under private ownership that has more than a bottom-line feeling for its product. But he did worry that ski areas like Aspen would no longer have the kind of work force it used to have.

"The difference is the ski bum, with the passion, soul and freedom is gone," he said.

That's why it's imperative, he said, "to pass on the legacy of this passion. It's something we have to instill in the next generation."

O'Donnell also took a jab at real estate and development, now widely considered to be the basis of ski resort growth.

"How many real estate people - or whatever it may be - are diluting the base of our core product?" he asked. "I think this whole thing is fragile," he said. "Capital investment is great, but is it the long-term answer to keeping skier days up? I don't know. ...


bloggyblog 8 years, 5 months ago

bcbackcountry,that was sweet! blog thinks its the jackalopes! they're everywhere! we've got to get rid of the jackalopes!! p.s. more hunter s. thompson, less greed!


jack legrice 8 years, 5 months ago

Thanks backcountry, that was a great post. I am glad there are still some of us with the passion. Even after 53 years of skiing, when I put on my "ski"I go -I love this sport and no one will ever take it from me. {I heard the skiing was awsome in hell ,for when that time comes!!!!!} Thompson Rules!


Ed Miklus 8 years, 5 months ago

Vanguy, Where do you get your comparative price info. Thanks.


okiegal 8 years, 5 months ago


So you can't drinks on the mountain becaus ethey think you might ski drunk but you can get as liquored up as you want at the Rendevous or top of the gondi!!!

liquor should be illegal on the mountain PERIOD!!!

intrawest should not sell liquor!!!

sit out side of the bars on day and see how many people stumble out and onto their skis.

people get hit by drunk skiers all the time. and they bought the liquor AT the ski area.


h2o 8 years, 5 months ago

Thanks Backcountry! That was very well said and much appreciated. I would also like to give kudos to an earlier post by Grundy, I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank god there are some people with a realistic view of the trends unfolding in this valley. I am so glad that I am not the only one who notices this for what it is. I am deeply sadened by the grip of greed on this town. I find it laughable that a great deal of advertising for our town talks about how it is preserving our western heritage. Yeah - that's it! How many million dollar homes were there in the old west? Money was never the focus of any part of western heritage and that is a fact! It was a way of life that is most certainly lost on the powers that be in this valley.


grant bayless 8 years, 5 months ago

Here's the love:

So Aspen Highlands just celebrated its first of three closings this season. The hill reopens Apr 19-20 and Apr 26-27. Trouble is, those openings could be paralyzed by copious amounts of snow. So the fine, fine folks at Highlands need some help plundering pow before the first reopening. They're calling it the Powder Posse. And it's a free pass to pummel pow so it's not impassable come Apr 19.

Friday, April 11: show up with your big stix.

From Senor Hanle at Aspen Skiing:

To join this Posse:

  • You must be an expert skier or rider in good physical shape

  • You must be comfortable in deep snow on double diamond terrain

  • Report at the base of Highlands at 9:30 on Friday morning

  • Sign a waiver

  • Bring lunch and liquids

You do NOT need a transceiver, shovel or probe. You will be directed where to ski and ride:you have a mission!

You do NOT need a ski pass and parking is free

If you meet these requirements, please join us-Highlands needs your tracks,


Doug Mackenzie and Mac Smith

Ski'ya later at the Epic flag, BC


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