Election judge Verna Whaley hands Oak Creek resident Dan Kelliher a ballot Tuesday at Oak Creek Town Hall.

Photo by Matt Stensland

Election judge Verna Whaley hands Oak Creek resident Dan Kelliher a ballot Tuesday at Oak Creek Town Hall.

J. Elliott re-elected mayor

Three newcomers win seats on Oak Creek Town Board



Oak Creek Elections

Oak Creek residents took to the polls Tuesday to elect a mayor and town trustees.

Oak Creek residents took to the polls Tuesday to elect a mayor and town trustees.

— Oak Creek Mayor J. Elliott was re-elected to another term Tuesday, edging out challenger and former mayor Gerry Greenwood by just three votes.

Elliott, the 61-year-old owner of Colorado Bar & Grill, will serve a two-year term. Elliott received 105 votes to Greenwood's 102 votes. Mayoral candidate Bill Paxton, a former Town Board member, received 29 votes.

Tuesday's election also reconfigured the Oak Creek Town Board, as two of the three incumbents running for re-election were defeated. Oak Creek Fire Protection District Chief Chuck Wisecup was the lone incumbent to be re-elected, receiving 129 votes. Wisecup will serve a four-year term along with Wendy Gustafson, who received 135 votes, and David Ege, who received 131 votes. U.S. Forest Service conservationist Josh Voorhis was the fourth-highest vote-getter with 120 votes. He will serve a two-year term.

Incumbents Steve "Spike" Beven and John Crawford saw their re-election bids fall short, as did challengers Larry "L.A." Anderson, Bernard Gagne, Cal Martindale and Richard Wisecup.

Elliott and the trustees will be sworn in at the April 10 meeting of the Town Board.

Although Town Clerk Karen Halterman said Greenwood could request a recount, the 60-year-old mechanic indicated no such plans Tuesday night.

"I think everyone down there (judging the election) can count real well," Greenwood said after learning the results. "I don't think there's a problem there."

Greenwood said he will "still have plenty to do" in town affairs as a member of Oak Creek's Planning Commission and expressed confidence in the trustees elected Tuesday.

"I think J. (Elliott) will have a good, sound board with him," Greenwood said. "It will be a well-rounded board and J. will have support moving forward with the budget issues."

Oak Creek resident Bill Babcock, who lost a mayoral race to Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman in 2006, also expressed confidence in the new trustees after reading the election results taped to the door of Town Hall.

"I like to see new, young people getting on the board," Babcock said, saying Gustafson and Voorhis, in particular, are representative of an increasingly youthful demographic in Oak Creek.

Ege, 49, said he hopes to make the Town Board more approachable.

"There's a lot of good people in this town with a lot of good ideas," he said during dinner at Black Mountain Tavern. "Let's start listening to what the citizens really want."

Ege said he hopes to increase Oak Creek's staffing for road improvements and improve the town's "upside-down budget."

"We've got to figure out a way to fund the town without draining our backup," he said.

Halterman said 242 ballots were submitted for Tuesday's election. That tally included 219 ballots cast Tuesday at Town Hall and 23 absentee ballots. Halterman said three ballots were voided because of errors such as voting for too many trustee candidates. Oak Creek has 594 registered voters, meaning 41 percent turned out. In the town's 2006 election, 44 percent of registered voters turned out. In 2004, 45 percent of registered voters cast ballots.


Wayne Eller 9 years ago

Congradulations to the "newly elected". The people have spoken their wishes in their choices for mayor and board. Now let's move forward by taking the appropriate action and officially remove the Censure of our Mayor. Obviously the people agree with Mayor Elliott's action or he would not have been re-elected. Let's remove this cloud and progress in the sunshine. Again, congradulations and Godspeed to you.


Terry Noble 9 years ago

Well it's not a landslide victory for sure (won by 3 votes out of 236)! Hope this divided town can get something done to offset this! "United we stand, divided we fall" is how the saying goes. Good luck Oakcreek, such a lovely town needs a future to look forward to for the youth.


Benny 9 years ago

Nice picture, Kelliher........hahaha


justathought 9 years ago

The appropriate action against the mayor was taken so it should stand as public record. His two yes sir men are no longer elected officials so hopefully he will have a much harder time getting anyone to back him in that kind of crap. Time will tell.


innovated 9 years ago

Congrats to J Elliott; the people have spoken and we are thrilled he is still in the pilot seat...that's some front page picture Elmer Fudd!! HA


bluntman 9 years ago

594 registered voters with a 41% turnout... an even smaller percentage than the last election (when the now mayor incumbent recieved more votes than anyone for his trustee bid). yeah, the people have spoken allright- fewer than 20% of the registered voters actually bothered to cast a vote to re-elect the lame duck mayor. he is still only one vote among 7, and this time has 2 fewer lackeys to go along with his grandiose posturing (i.e. attempting to dismantle the poolice department, among many other examples of bad behavior). J. exemplifies one last reminder of the former mayor who quit and her corruption. it's too bad for the Town of Oak Creek that the legacy of financial and political mismanagement will live on long after Spike, John C., J., and the former poolice chief (taxi driver) who quit are out of the picture. those same trustees all voted for the former mayor's schemes and deficit budgets without question, including J. now he wants us to believe that all of a sudden he is the responsible guy who can fix all of the problems of OC... well that's great, because he sure did his part to help get us here in the first place. no doubt some are thrilled that J. is still in the pilot's seat. just like that kid sitting in a cardboard box making airplane noises and acting like the thing is going to soar into the sky, he's in the pilot seat allright.

actually, it's called a barstool.


justathought 9 years ago

I agree bluntman. They keep saying the people have spoken when J received 105 votes and 132 votes were cast against him, he was lucky enough that Paxton stayed in there to acquire 29 of those votes. If the citizens are lucky the rest of the board will have enough brass to keep J in line.


candylane 9 years ago

In your logic, justa, Gerry and Bill had 134 votes against them, so then the town did speak for their choice. Do we have to listen to yours and blunt's whinning for the next two years? Get over it! Just like J you only had one vote! It is what it is! Either you accept the situation and live with it or pack up and leave! If you can't afford to live where you work or support where you live, be the silent minority!


justathought 9 years ago

My, my, touchy aren't we! Should I feel like whining, I shall. Should I feel like getting over it, I shall. Should I feel like packing up and leaving, I shall, but I have a tendency to ignore self-righteous people telling me what to do. You can kiss up to J all you want, that is your right but you have no right to tell be to be silent about anything! If you don't like it you are welcome to take your own advice. Let's do the adult thing and just ignore each other, shall we?


nmypinon 9 years ago

Well in my opinion it would seem like those of you people that did not want the "new/former Mayor" or any of the other board members who were elected that maybe you should be man/woman enough to step up to the plate and run for a seat at the next election.


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