J. Elliott re-elected mayor; three newcomers win town trustees seats


— Oak Creek Mayor J. Elliott was re-elected to another term Tuesday, edging out challenger and former mayor Gerry Greenwood by just three votes.

Elliott, the 61-year-old owner of Colorado Bar &: Grill, will serve a two-year term. Elliott received 105 votes to Greenwood's 102 votes. Mayoral candidate Bill Paxton, a former Town Board member, received 29 votes.

Town Clerk Karen Halterman said there are no plans for a recount in the mayoral election. Halterman said Greenwood could request a recount.

Tuesday's vote also reconfigured the Oak Creek Town Board. Two of the three incumbents running for re-election were defeated. Chuck Wisecup was the lone incumbent to be re-elected, receiving 129 votes. Wisecup will serve a four-year term along with Wendy Gustafson (135 votes) and David Ege (131 votes). Josh Voorhis was the fourth-highest vote-getter with 120 votes. He will serve a two-year term.

Incumbents Steve "Spike" Beven and John Crawford saw their re-election bids fall short. Challengers Larry "L.A." Anderson, Bernard Gagne, Cal Martindale and Richard Wisecup also fell short.

The town's new mayor and Town Board will be sworn in at the April 10 meeting of the Town Board.

Halterman said 242 voters cast ballots Tuesday. Oak Creek has 594 registered voters, meaning 41 percent turned out. In the town's 2006 election, 44 percent of registered voters turned out. In 2004, 45 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

For more on Tuesday's election, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Steamboat Today or log on Wednesday morning to www.steamboatpilot.com.


Scott Wedel 9 years ago

Actually, 41% turnout in a municipal election is quite good. Probably puts it among the highest turnout among the Colorado municipal elections.

Though, 41% is not great for the democratic process.

That said, that sort of turnout is not bad considering the types of campaigns that were run. Not all the candidates even made fliers. And almost every flier that was made were resumes that took no direct stands on the various issues.

This election sends no clear message. If issues mattered then how did Elliott and Chuck Wisecup both win? It'd be hard to name an issue which they agree upon.

It was a resume election where people hope that they've picked people with good judgment.


Wayne Eller 9 years ago

Just because two people do not agree on issues does not make either of them bad or the wrong person for the job. By looking at the votes cast it is obvious that the people of Oak Creek do not agree on everything. Some supported one candidate while others supported another. It is good to have diversity on the board and an opportunity for all to have someone that is attentive to our concerns. We have elected our choices and we should move forward and support them. We will have an opportunity to remove them in the next election if they do not support the majority of the people. Now, we should take the necessary action to REMOVE the censure cloud that hangs over our Mayor. By looking at the voice of the people it is obvious that Mr Elliott was voicing the opinion of the Majority. Good luck, good judgement and Godspeed to our board.


justathought 9 years ago

He was censured publicly, legally and by other ELECTED officials; he, himself caused any "cloud" that may be hanging over him. Let this serve to remind him the next time he believes he is the only voice that counts. At least the mayors two puppets were replaced, maybe OC can now move forward, only time will tell.


Wayne Eller 9 years ago

dear justa Thanks for your reply. The majority was repredentd by Mr Elliott and they were the ones that re-elected him. Now that he standa again for the majority, it is we that should see that this censure is removed.


francinefrank66 9 years ago

Still no answer to the write in's! I know there was at least one, why wasn't it mentioned? That is, for the mayor candidate.


justathought 9 years ago

justice, if that made any sense then you need to redo your math, 105 votes does not a majority make when 131 were cast (against him) for other mayoral candidates. You can thank Paxton for J getting reelected. Along your way of thinking Wisecup was in on the censure and he received 129 votes so the censure majority trumps the bar flies. By looking at the voice of 105 people DOES NOT make anything obvious. He earned the censure, let him keep it.


nmypinon 9 years ago

Boy are we a bit pi$$y today? (not saying this is what happen) but did anyone besides me ever think that maybe J. handled the police issues the way he did to make people get more involved & to come out of the woodwork & see what is ( or isn't ) going on in OC? I also wonder if Spike would have been re-elected had his "DUI" not been printed on the same day of election. And what does Paxton have to do with J. getting re-elected?


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