Best of the Web for Sept. 30


Were details necessary?

Did the public really need to know the details of this little girl's death? Wasn't it enough just hearing about an innocent life being taken??


When am I a local?

I don't really care one way or another about the rec center, but I am sick of the "superiority complex" of people who are born here feeling they are something special.

I have lived here 15 years after moving from Denver, at what point do I become a local? If your biggest accomplishment in life is being born here, perhaps you need to begin achieving on your own rather than gloating about your parents living here when you were born.


Tunnel bypass needed

We need to have a bypass that goes through Emerald Mountain (tunnel). Expensive yes, but maybe then I could get a good job in Steamboat!


Put lights at intersection

I would like to see something done at the intersection of Walton Creek and Whistler. I know stoplights are expensive, but this has become a major intersection in my part of town, and at least a 4 way stop would help manage that traffic. It's not even ski season and it can take up to 7 minutes to get on to Walton Creek from Whistler in the morning.


Wonderful story of loyalty

What a wonderful story of the loyalty of animals and of people unselfishly helping their neighbors!


A waste of resources

I don't know which is more ridiculous, the demand for service "A driver reportedly failed to use his or her turn signals near Pine and Sixth streets" or the fact that they actually dispatched someone to that call. What a tremendous waste of manpower, resources and tax money.



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