Sandy Moore: U.S. facilities better


— In reference to Deb Babcock's article on Sept. 14, I have a couple of observations and comments.

I understand that she is a master gardener but did not know that she was also a nutritionist and also an expert on health care in other countries. I think that before declaring that "better health care" in most European countries is a given, she ought to perhaps try living in those countries and experiencing the health care available.

We have lived more than half of our lives in many different countries, including those in Europe, and even many of these European doctors suggested returning to the U.S. whenever we required any medical help. I agree with her observation about their healthier lifestyles, but the equipment, facilities and medical expertise is far superior in the U.S. She ought to visit an Italian hospital, for example, and try and find bathing facilities for the patients who also, by the way, have to bring their own linens, utensils and food, plus all other amenities we Americans take for granted.

If one wants the facilities and care we Americans expect, the Europeans go to a private hospital and, of course, pay for it (in addition to the exorbitant taxes imposed on them for having national health care).

Sandy Moore

Steamboat Springs


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