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— Smart City Council move

I applaud the City Council on their decision to purchase the Iron Horse Inn. This is one of the smartest moves the City Council has recommended in a very long time. I think the benefits to the City are considerable. I cannot imagine a property that better fits the needs and goals of the City with respect to providing affordable housing. Thanks for your efforts in this regard.


City's role confusing

I am bit confused in understanding the role of a City of Steamboat?

Are they:

- A lender of interest-free for of (OUR) taxpayers money - for the Yampa Valley Housing Authority,

- Builder, Realtor, Landlord and Property Manager of Affordable Housing?

What else? What is next?

Are these not roles of a private competitive businesses?

What is City of Steamboat a Social Government?


Step to 'legislating taste'

The People's Republic of Steamboat Springs should simply provide a tax incentive for historic preservation. It is preposterous to consider something 50 years old as historic simply as a result of its age.

People should be able to do what they want with their own private property and government should not interfere to reduce or abridge these private property rights.

This is the first step toward "legislating taste" and creating an architectural committee which will tell people what colors they can paint their homes.

This is not a good thing!


A price you have to pay

No one is saying you can't remodel your Old Town residence. What they are saying is that historic residences in Old Town matter - they should be remodeled with care. Sure, that's probably more burdensome for you than for someone else remodeling a home outside of the downtown area. But, like it or not, that's the price you have to pay for living in Old Town.


Give lunch system time

Give this system time folks. When I was on the front range, the new system took a bit of time for the kinks to be worked out, but for my child who was on free lunch, it was really nice as she was treated just like all the other kids in the lunchroom.



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