News for Sunday, September 16, 2007



Steamboat downs Eagle Valley in four

Any residual effects of Thursday's loss to Battle Mountain didn't show Saturday for the Steamboat Springs High School volleyball team.

Softball drops a pair

The Steamboat Springs High School softball team dropped a pair of games to the Eagle Valley Devils on Saturday.

Routt County Spotlight: Janna Marxuach

Janna Marxuach

Downtown rebound

Despite construction projects, sales end four-month skid in July

Downtown sales managed to rise in July, despite various construction projects, reduced lodging, the loss of two convenience stores and a 25 percent reduction in the number of Triple Crown teams in Steamboat Springs that month, compared to last year.

Tennis rallies to win

Sailors come out on top with string of close matches

When two undefeated boys tennis regional powerhouses meet, you can expect some close matches. Class 4A Northern Colorado perennial regional champion Greeley West was already warmed up after dispatching a talented 5A Boulder team, 4-3, Saturday morning.

Steamboat falls to Glenwood in OT

As players walked by rubbing his head and giving him pats on the back, Travis Whitman unlaced his shoes and removed his shiny, golden shin guards. The Glenwood Springs soccer player's equipment directly reflects his recent play, as the sophomore scored the golden goal in overtime, lifting the Demons against Steamboat, 2-1, on Saturday.

Last minute key for Sailors football against Eagle Valley

It's possible the Steamboat Springs High School football team turned the tide of its season during the last 32 seconds of Friday's 34-27 win against Eagle Valley.

Tease photo

Western culture celebrated in downtown Saturday

There was no need for a photo finish at the 20th Annual Rubber Ducky Race on Saturday as the first-place, little yellow bird won by 150 feet and beat the last-place duck by almost an hour.

District moves to credit system for lunch payments

Once the aim of schoolyard bullies, lunch money is disappearing in Steamboat Springs schools for an entirely different reason - the district is moving toward electronic payments for its students.

The Record for Sept. 16

The following is a list of people booked into the Routt County Jail on suspicion of the listed charges. The arresting agency is listed in parentheses.

Hayden's Vocational Education Facility to undergo 8,000-foot expansion

Some students at Hayden High School finish their day with paint-covered hands from art class, but Chase Salazar's often are grease-stained after time spent in the school's shop facility.

Noreen Moore: A 'real town' era

We are a region that has been engaged with one economic love at a time. We are loyal to our industries and often turn a blind eye to many things because the prudent response in this remote region was to embrace and be grateful to any economy that came and created jobs, even if low-paying and even if for a short time.

Best of the Web for Sept. 16

Fair market value may defeat park's purpose

Are the trailer owners being given the opportunity to buy the land underneath for fair market value or below market value? If it's fair market value, then I have no quibbles, but it may be more than they can reasonably afford, which sort of defeats the purpose. If it's less than market value, then the community is subsidizing the transaction. I'm okay with this because I support affordable housing any way we can get it, but the last thing I'd want to see is someone getting the land at below market value now, then selling it at market value sometime in the future. If they are getting a special deal at the public's expense, I'd expect some sort of deed restriction put in place to ensure that it stays affordable over the long haul.

Evie and Larry Freet: Who's in control?

At this point in time, your home, your refuge, your dreams and your investment in Old Town, Fairview and Brooklyn are under a moratorium on home demolitions and alterations to the exterior of a 50-plus-year-old home. The historic groups in our city and county, which feel we are losing our community character and heritage, instigated this moratorium. They think now is the time for mandatory historic designation and compliance on historic residences, and the process has begun.

Harriet Freiberger: Something happened

A few weeks ago, one of our local columnists wrote about a most interesting idea. He said he didn't want to become the town grouch, complaining about traffic, construction and waiting in lines. Instead, Tom Ross decided to begin a new way of approaching his days with "random acts of kindness." From the looks of things, folks have been practicing what he suggested, and it's working: a driver stops to let another car into a line of traffic, a man picks up a bit of trash left on the Post Office floor, a woman talks to a stranger at the grocery store.

Paul Epley: The ethanol myth

Unfortunately, many governments - the U.S. government in particular - have emerged as the driving force behind one of the most environmentally and culturally destructive policies ever promulgated in the name of environmental and cultural sensitivity - the addition of ethanol to motor fuels in the name of environmentalism. While ethanol's addition to gasoline is touted as an environmental boon and a savings of fossil fuels, the truth is that it is environmentally unsound, economically unwise, and little more than a direct subsidy to major corporate agricultural interests.

Our View: End county turf war

We can't help but be a little mystified by Routt County Sheriff Gary Wall's insistence on skirmishing with the Board of Commissioners about such innocuous issues as motor pool policies.

Looking Back for Sept. 16

New prep school starts classes, 26 kids enrolled

Colorado's newest preparatory school, dedicated to giving a solid education background to those planning to enter college, has started its first term at Steamboat Springs.

Tapping back in

Reinvented festival targets beer fans

After a year's hiatus, the Steamboat Springs Brewers' Festival is a new event with a new image: "It's not meant to be a guzzlefest. It's meant to be a beer tasting," event organizer Jody Anagnos said.

Patrick Delaney: Clarifying the moratorium

Community Agriculture Alliance

If you read the Steamboat Pilot & Today, you are most likely aware of the emergency moratorium regarding buildings more than 50 years old in downtown Steamboat Springs that was recently passed by the City Council. Historic Routt County has received numerous phone calls and e-mails regarding this important historic preservation issue. In addition, we have been incorrectly named as the organization that is spearheading this moratorium.

Jimmy Westlake: A planet by any other name

The very thought of having to utter the name of the seventh planet in public is enough to send chills up the spine of even a veteran reporter. Imagine choking on embarrassing headlines like, "Astronomers announced today the discovery of five dirty rings around Uranus," or, "This week, NASA scientists probed Uranus for the first time."

Tease photo

GOP at odds about White

Brenner considers state Senate run

After state Rep. Al White, R-Winter Park, bought a townhouse in Hayden a year ago, carpetbagger allegations were perhaps to be expected from Democratic rivals. But its some local Republicans, including White's former campaign manager, who are making the accusations.

Selbe land may be mixed-use

Kreissigs acquire Fish Creek property, envision arts neighborhood

The husband-and-wife development team of Peter and Kim Kreissig have acquired the 3-acre Selbe property on Fish Creek for $5.75 million.

Resort Group adds CRS

Property management consolidated

After 25 years spent working in both the trenches and the executive suites of Steamboat Springs' property management industry, Renea Cowman and Kathy Connell found a unique way to celebrate their silver anniversary in the business.

Former resident goes head-to-head with Pastrana on Rally tour's fastest course

There's just no race out there that lets the country's best drivers go as fast and take as many chances as Rally Colorado.

First-time ultra runners top inaugural 50-miler

Most people would probably take a week off after running 100 miles.

Dave Shively: 'Tis the season

I knew seasons were changing two weeks ago at our final attempt at a summer lacrosse practice. As I walked to the parking lot with Big John, he stared up at the woods of Mount Werner longingly, and I noticed it looked like the clean-shaven professional was starting to let himself go a little.

Toponas community rallies to restore historic building

Pat and Jim Woodcock's longtime romance budded in the one-room, white building that has served as Toponas' "heart and soul" and meeting place since 1924.

Real estate transactions for Sept. 5 to 11

Real estate transactions for Sept. 5 to 11, 2007.