Soroco debuts new offense in win against Glenwood



Soroco Rams quarterback Cody Miles gets ready to run over a Glenwood Springs defender while rushing the ball during Soroco's 24-0 victory Saturday against the Glenwood Springs High School junior varsity squad in Oak Creek.


Soroco Rams defender Alex Estes grabs an interception during the second quarter of Soroco's 24-0 victory over the Glenwood Springs High School junior varsity squad in Oak Creek on Saturday afternoon.


Glenwood Springs' quarterback Kevin Flore, left, gets sacked for a loss by Soroco defender JD Walorski during the matchup between the Soroco Rams and the Glenwood Springs High School junior varsity squad on Saturday in Oak Creek.


Soroco Rams player Levi Gonzales grabs a touchdown pass during the third quarter of Soroco's 24-0 victory against the Glenwood Springs High School junior varsity squad in Oak Creek on Saturday afternoon.

— They're still the Rams, just without all the ram.

Soroco head football coach David Bruner debuted his new brand of offense - one that favors a spread passing attack from the shotgun rather than an exclusively up-the-gut ground rush - on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the Rams' week one test against Glenwood Springs' junior varsity squad.

Early indications proved "Bruner ball" effective as sophomore Cody Miles showed he could roll out of the pocket to make plays with a host of the Rams' speedy receivers. Although he was helped out substantially with shortened fields by the Demons' slippery fingers - they turned over the ball five times on fumbles - Miles threw for three touchdowns to cap a 24-0 shutout victory.

One of those "fumbles" was closer to an interception. Halfway through a scoreless first quarter, Glenwood quarterback Kevin Flore went to run the option left and pitched to Tyler Thulson without seeing Soroco cornerback Levi Gonzales, who snatched the ball at full speed,

not stopping until he hit the end zone 54 yards later.

Soroco then struggled to drive the field, repeatedly forced to punt after going 3-and-out. But pushing Glenwood nearly back to its own end zone, Dennis Morgan enveloped Flore, popping the ball loose for Soroco junior lineman Jephery Donaldson to recover. From there, Miles stepped up, delivered a touchdown pass to Robert Anderson, took the oncoming hit and pumped his fist to celebrate a 12-0 lead heading into the half.

As Glenwood opened the second half with two plays that resulted in two turnovers, Soroco's offense showed its best form of the game. Miles threw 3-4 for 35 yards, two more touchdowns and ran for 24 yards. He also pulled in two big sacks on the defensive side.

"I like (the offense) a lot more than last year, where it was just trying to jam it down their throats," said Morgan, who still is the go-to running back when the hard-earned, smashmouth yards are needed. He led Soroco rushing with 53 yards.

Bruner said although the team made some "crucial errors penalty-wise," he was extremely pleased with the Rams' overall play and saw the big win as a fitting reward for the team's hard work in practice.

"We're getting better, we just got to keep working our way up the ladders," Morgan said.

Soroco next plays at 4 p.m. Friday at Saratoga, Wyo.


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